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  1. Even lvl 13 chief can broke necro shield on 5/5 with one hit skill. And now they increased the cooldown time to 15 sec, seriously the shield has more potential before. I think devs better of just set shield to the old one or maybe reduce the 40% durability and instead lesser the cd time to 10s Rather than giving 40% more durability (1120 hp shield) and increase the cd time to 15 seconf ( +3 second from the old ones). Its better to keep the durability like before (800 hp shield) and decrease the cd time to 10s (-3 second before nerf). Theres many ways to fix shield and sadly you guys choose to trash it
  2. Go compare 2h spear and 2x mace phys, how much is the difference? Magic spear weak? Meh. The magic club is simply strong, accept the fact already
  3. The main magic user should have less magic than the physical magic user. Thats funny to me Xd prove u wrong ? Then i gotchu Now how does this one look? Hmm? Magic as basic attack too?
  4. So +10 dual wield magic maces should have more magic than shaman, mages, etc?
  5. I agree with priest and necro shield is becoming far more useless, whats the use of increasing durability to 1120, it is still one hit but more cd time, and now heal is also reduced in all healer class. We will all be leaving healer soon
  6. I literally see nerfs on elf side, maybe you are just a bit blind
  7. What is the purpose on adding 40% more durability on shield while increase the cd time by 3 second on necromancer and priest? Its will only able to hold as much as 1 hit anyway, or maybe 2 hit on low amp and low penetration. Shield now just go straight to trash, and the 15% heal reduce is clearly making the healer class left out soon
  8. Humm, so deffense is useless ? Stop talkin abt irrelevant because of this and that, charmer weakness skill is hurt as fk, together with 4 or 5 dogs as well as some birds. It need to be nerfed, -5500 deffense is too op
  9. Then how on full +10 bd? With only guild buffs? -5500 deffense is indeed too op
  10. It still max can hold 1 hit from any damager on lvl 32
  11. Its epic, but isn't this considered group photo? I see more than 1 person in the picture @Nolan
  12. u said that the math in this game is not always the way i think it works, which math exactly? State it, which? And about this i mean about the Deffense being reduced from 12k to even less than 6k not the cd one
  13. Like how it was with cd stat? Lol i know how to count cd stat properly, also i will post it later, but if it was just as i said then i take it that u agree that the effect needed to be reduced right?
  14. Just look at the skill description and convert how much deff would a tank have if 12k deff is reduced by 55%. Not only phy deff, but also magical. It would be 5400 deffence lol xdd now thats sad
  15. How come +10 Tank become +1 instantly bcs of Weakness skill? Idc abt oppression, ppl have stun. But reducing 12k deffence to 6k is crazy, like -25% or 30% deffence isnt enuf already
  16. Charmer weakness is just too much at 5/5 it reduce 50% of deffence and 15% already at 1/5. Make it more acceptable such as 25% or 30% on 5/5 and thats already hurt af
  17. Based on what i know, holy shield absorbtion is only affected by the lvl of the skill. Which basically make it useless on high lvl, 1 hit and the shield is gone. I have a suggestion that skill should also be affected by magic dmg and/or level of the character.
  18. I have charmer on lvl 14, i got 82 energy regeneration. Not that low, depends on how u build it We need this the most. Its just unfair.
  19. Blessing is so bad for nowdays even in 5/5 build..... sometimes its not active at all and cant critical..... in old time blessing so good, can crit and give so much chance to active the effect.... even ranger can deal 6x damgge in 1x attack.... thts the real ranger class.
  20. Ye, thats why they need to fix it, not by. Which map we're on. But by our level. I usually got mission to kill kratt and maraksha. And that still doable
  21. No, i tried it once. Doesnt work, also how to kill avenger ? You dont expect an average lvl 13-20 to kill avenger right? :/. They said it should be doable for every lvl. Yet here they asked me to look for "high" lvl. Then why not give that quest to lvl 5 player? They also can search for high lvl to help them
  22. Is this intended or not? I heard that the battle pass gives the mission that has the same difficulty as our own lvl Sometimes it even give the quest to kill Avenger. Like... How?
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