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  1. Rule of test server: 1. Never expect the link to pop out on time
  2. And theres more chance for ur relic to be activated :/ thats fckin op
  3. Yes, but they dont use 50 set sign every week :) Right, actually i have many friends who just amplified their staff from +1 to +10 wit 64 set sign
  4. Yes and u decided to stay quiet abt it, i dont :'). I need to know it its really work properly. If it is then it is :/, but i want answer from them.
  5. I want them to check if everything is alright And i dont excpect u to say anything useful anyway. U cant do anything. So there u go
  6. Is this question gonna solve his problem?
  7. Hey im Ekashin lvl 14 Priest EU Emerald I've been trying to amp staff of northern lord from +9 to +10. Its already 4 week now (each week 50 set) AND ALL FAIL? Stop saying its depends on luck. It is basically 2000 pcs sign ? On lvl 14 weapon? Try check in case theres something messed up. Im pretty angry wtf :/
  8. Is there a bug on Lifeforce buff from Greater Potion of lifeforce? It certainly says that the buffs increases effectivenesd of healing from skills that restore health by a specified percentage. it works when i heal myself (it increases my heal from 797 to around 1200+ when healing my self) but it doesnt seem effect when i heal other people/party member at all. It certainly didnt state any restriction that it only works for the user or something similiar. So maybe theres a bug or its meant to works just how it is now?
  9. Server off ? Without notice?
  10. I saw many good suggestion out there, why dont we start some suggestion contest ?
  11. Great, that will do. Thanks mate
  12. Can u pls tell me how this could've happenned? I never lost mcoin before
  13. Please check ticket under name Ekashin Eu Emerald. i lost all my mcoin today idk why, im not usualy someone who pest around to get fast response but i need that mcoin to buy gladiator elixir now to start next season arena :/
  14. Doesnt look like an error, i mean well ur hair go through ur cape/clothes is not an error :/
  15. When will you guys fix this appearance issue on every costume? I've sent ticket and devs said that they are aware of the issue, yet they didnt fix it since like 2014
  16. Not really a solution xd
  17. Yes and i mean they should fix it on all costumes... Its been around for so long that i think the developer might find it hard to solve it or they're just being lazy... Well either way i need my answer. Or maybe i should send a ticket?
  18. Hello this has been around many years, is it really imposible to fix this appearance problem?? Its seriously bothering
  19. Theres no point in having this...
  20. Who care about reseller? Xd i made 200k a week by reselling if you not care about them then you already fail to understand the price change and everything i already said up there... many ppl here understand what i said xd try open up a lil bit . As i said i already felt it happened back in 2014 when atlantica gold value went down 10000% just beware xd
  21. Gold doesnt run this game? Well they do... also you you think price is always based on mcoin user? Haha no... there are reseller, when many people buy signs for 12k and make sign supply rare on the market, there will always this one guy who will buy sign for 13k to be prioritized and then after that the reseller will follow the trend of 13k prices, and when the normal price change to 13k and yet again the sign becomes rare at some point there will be another guy who will purchase the sign for 14k and those reseller will follow the trend... and so on, i dont think you quite understand how the gold flow in this game so you can say gold dont run the game... gold and mcoin run the game and what makes the price is what it is now pretty much the balanced currency in flow As for gold farmers dont have as much gold they do have much xd you cant argue on this... like how was Hakielek made 300k just by killing spider near t2 irselnort If botting is real issue? Well it is real issue and you said its their task to deal... well right, and thats why getting gold by looting is one step of dealing with this botting sht because it would need more work and also more complicated mechanism/code to create... different than if gold automatically goes into my bag like i said...i can start botting right away now from my phone xd using some auto clicker just to use teleport and meteor or maybe all area skill such as harad banner on paladin to kill those mob and boom i got da gold xd
  22. https://youtu.be/pkRJWpw-6x0 look here for the cost of amping axes arena lvl 29... So you think ppl playing this game isnt ppl in real world? Also you said sign on eu lowered because it follows he demand supply theory... what makes u think it wont work the same? Xd funny. You need to know ppl in ws is no different than ppl irl bcs they are also ppl in real world behind the screen
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