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  1. It's probably - standard of the Legion (10.000 health) - standard of the Sentinels (1.000.000 health) on EU.
  2. Cedrak

    Life Exhaust

    I had gave a pause to my warlock due to difficulty in lv up, sadly warlocks are left behind in PvE, I was denied many time for dgs, that's why I was upgrading a necromancer, but with this new skill mechanics I'd rethink my build and get back to it.
  3. Cedrak

    Life Exhaust

    What about new Life Exhaust (8.4.2) ? Is it worthy to put it 5/5 since it now drains 75% of dmg dealt?
  4. They're all pretty awsome, do you have magic damage too?
  5. lol I counted it wrong, counted 3 times and still were wrong, I counted it again and it's really 6 times. sry
  6. Well in my case, I have 441 magic damage, shield 4/4 and acid rain 1/4, heals 225 hp for 5 times, so it's 5 * 225 = 1125 heal. But I have a good critical chance, so I usually crit my heals.
  7. If you see by other side it's not so weak if gather all 12 times, 12 x 104 = 1248 dmg, farming with necro is very easy, you can taunt all mobs, put the poison shield and acid rain and they all die at once, specially when you have daily quests that you have to gather "x" quantity of something, that's what I do. They say that Necro has the worst heal of healers, but in my opinion, what Necro doesn't have in healing it has in damage.
  8. Nisso eu tenho que concordar, eu tinha dois livros do esquecimento que ganhei em eventos e não usei, usei um pra colocar 5/5 e não mudou em nada, só não sei agora depois da atualização que o último nível é 75%.
  9. And also decrease magic defense, if you get a relic that also decrease magic defense it can be good, you can deal dmg on your own.
  10. What is max level to drop in satraps?
  11. Oblivion book, for sure, and maybe some Life Scrolls and Teleport Scrolls too.
  12. Remember that for necro, second heal needs two expert skill, Poison Shield and Acid Rain, if there is one without the other, necro has only one heal.
  13. Cedrak

    Solo PvE

    I started as a Warlock years ago, stopped playing many times as I saw I wasn't efficient, then I realized that the class I chose was really dependent of others, then I created a Necromancer and it was a great difference, I could solo map 2 mini bosses at lv 20, I could farm in map 4, all alone. Warlock is still my favorite, but I'll get back to him when I get enough gold to waste.
  14. Antes diziam que mc vivia chorando agora vão ser os elfos, mas porque será que todo mundo reclamava? Então havia um motivo, como a Akasha disse, eles leem as críticas mas temos que ser um pouco mais pacientes. Warden parecia um Raid Boss, o cara vai sozinho em caravan ou legion e 50 mc não mata, os outros então, sem comentários. O Mage precisava de um nerf, eu jogo de Warlock, por muito tempo vi que os elfos corriam do Warlock, e pela história de Warspear, Warlocks eram Mages tentandos pelo poder de Garaan, então são equivalentes, acredito que ambos não servem em nada para PvE e si
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