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  1. frone

    Favony's rings!!

    lv15 ,idk max 5k coz its event ring :D
  2. a better idea its to have a minion who u summon it and send it back. during 5-6 hours and u use it just when u need. no summon it ,finish the job,and then wait till he goes :cray:
  3. it is bug. if wouldnt be bug ,wouldnt appear unbind option :unknw: :fool:
  4. frone

    bug mcoin

    its done. It was error coz server was clo :good: se to off . Now i got them:) :drinks:
  5. frone

    bug mcoin

    i bought mcoin and didnt receive them. Bought before mainteance like 10 min. What to do?? , dont tell me make tiket to support coz im sicked for waiting weeks for a simple answer. :diablo: :bad: :facepalm:
  6. fake alarm :facepalm: no snow bunderies. Btw i bought 160 mc and didnt receive since10min. :cray:
  7. frone


    when tournament is going off, monday . They change tournament suits and fix bugs and hope update too :yahoo: :rofl:
  8. frone

    facepalm :D

    was wondering if u can add facepalm emoticon? Or some more. I LIKE THEM :yahoo: :facepalm: :drinks:
  9. shitley nice Teemo's photo :rofl: ;D
  10. he showed me long time ago :facepalm: its +10 durable bow (lv9) :facepalm:
  11. greedy gms :facepalm: u cant unbind now coz u use 399 mcoin and get much more gold than 40k:!. ( 100g each mcoin) . Example ,that vampiress doing 200k and unbind just 399 mcs. so its too profitable :facepalm:
  12. frone

    big bug

    Hi everyone.I was wondering why cant unbind new event suits?? I got mcoin and before to unbind ..... I got as answer : NOTHING HAS HAPPEND. Please resolve it , cant stuck mcoin :facepalm:
  13. frone

    account recovery

    i sent a ticket to support and i waited 7 days and still no answer.Is any chance to get an answer until the end of november,or just waste time making a new ticket hoping ill get answer this time. thank you. :blush: :cray:
  14. where is dadz? Biggest moon on eu :facepalm: :bad:
  15. subsonic 605 dmg and 5500 def :facepalm: :drinks: gratz
  16. i log my ws account and app stop beeing active .. :cray: :facepalm: :bad: Nokia c5-03
  17. frone


    who can tell me how could i do pictures? i use galaxy tab. :aggressive:
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