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  1. 400k ice small amulet. In eu emerald i could get set of ice small amulet xd 40k each
  2. 2 factions enough. Maybe 1 character for each side :blush:
  3. frone

    scammers list

    i would like to start: Werhasslt(lv13 bd) . Briefx (lv19 paladin) Noimrobin (ranger) Darkstormz (druid) Samlor(lv20 druid) Mahmadzaky (lv20 bd) Vanatorul =Vrajitorul (lv6 bd- lv 16 mage)
  4. frone

    scammers list

    how the name says.... Here will be a list with the scammers from this server. U can add more scammers name without any comment..and no lies. Just real scammers which scammed u or have tried it. Ill update list daily :drinks: maybe we will can save some of players which read forum
  5. frone

    sad on christmas

    ive just redownloaded the game and guess what :cray: It stopped automatically. Please resolve it.I dont wanna miss gifts' sharing,
  6. :'(maybe another one killed him and u just stay on his face :yahoo:
  7. :yahoo: check with more attention when u trade. :fool:
  8. everyone can say that . :facepalm: Use much euros and shit drop. But only lies :aggressive: :mega_shok:
  9. today holiday started .No school, now i know why :lol: :pleasantry: :friends:
  10. roland, i know u there. :rofl: Tell us pls when sv on, i wanna sleep ;D
  11. lol .... Spammers..scammers...gankers...jumpers all depend of players no devs :facepalm: event chests?? Work for them. Dont do 50 characters and wait free chests. :facepalm: Lag... Change ur net. I dont have lag. :facepalm: Norlant items.... If u dont like dont quest. ,many people got nice items. :facepalm: All think u scammer --- ur problem :facepalm: elf prices : u sell expensive... U buy expensive :facepalm: and about money. Did u see any game without special gold? :facepalm: Games are made for profit.. Nothing else. Making games is similary to all jobs , work for money
  12. same topic at support section :aggressive: and no news from devs about this :blush:
  13. ban his chat for 7 days following ip :P
  14. frone


    roland please organising time better :) more time for answering tickets. I saw many ppl complaining about it. ;) Sry for atitudine but im same in real life: btw ... When suits bug is fixed:( no answer on mail
  15. keep wait answer untill christmas day. Then more 3-4 weeks for unban:P
  16. frone


    no chance. Maybe if u donate some real money they will answer :facepalm: :rofl:
  17. frone

    mcoin wasting.

    Hi devs,hi everyone.↲ Please add a safe way to use mcoin. Im wasting half of amount of mcoin reviving from mistake and buy quest item. Add system with „yes” or no”. Don*t be that greedies. :facepalm: .
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