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    firemastar got a reaction from Mewingdrip in Hotspot-resilince   
    i have 2 Suggestion to make game better way to play :
    1- Hotspot bars when , you guys going add more spot 
    we already have problem with this , big problem , like barb i have 10 active skill and you added resilince book last updat wich make things so hard , and i always have to go bag to use pot or scrolls or whatever add 
    i suggeset to add more hot spot in right off screen 
    2- about resilience , i suggest to add effect come with it ( like solidity and physical deffence ) which make resilience effect on reseved control skill casted by enemy 
    example : if skill make stun for 5 sec and i have resilience 20% then i only get stun for 4 sec (1 sec canceled by my resilience )
                    that will fix balance chars problem and stun circal for all chars will be limited ( dont tell me game not about pvp , pvp and arena is half off this game )
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    firemastar reacted to Higgings in [2016.09.29] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Power of Relics. Release   
    Noob who posts down, Except gms
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    firemastar reacted to Peter_Munk in [2016.09.21] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview №2   
    Your wish has been granted, my Lord
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    firemastar reacted to Daria in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    The links to the test server will be available at 14:00 CEST tomorrow, I'll post them here as well.
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    firemastar reacted to firemastar in [2016.09.06] Special rewards for the new Arena season   
    Is 2# and 3# place in sesin get arena champion achivmants ? Or like past time only 1# get that
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    firemastar got a reaction from Nosotraes in The best update in your opinion   
    Worst update is Ferocity and spilt resilince to 2 kind   , total fail 
    now any noob can gank any pro who use farm set 
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    firemastar reacted to xxdeaathxx in Lower the overall damage or nerf ferocity   
    Yea we re all waiting for a huge nerf.. Instead of nerfing em they made em again more powerful since now they can reach like 1k dmg & +40% ferocity.
    Bd is a tank wich can do lot of more damage than a pvp class & it also has good stuns.
    Just run with hamstring skill on and once u get someone just spam all skills.. tht s bd..
    & elf / bd users, don t be hipocryte saying that it s not op.. u guys always try to play with full bd party in arena & we all know the reason.
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    firemastar reacted to Corona virus in who need craft accissoris in US-sapphire mc side, pm me   
    Sup fire, its me Meltedsnow
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    firemastar reacted to firemastar in craft ring amulet cape not good for melee . please fix   
    Are dev count it befor he make it
    ring give 3% dmg so it need 800 dmg in char to get like hallowen rings 25 dmg .
    and wtf about cape and amulet . It give 4% only that will make char need 1k gp to equal hallowen once
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    firemastar reacted to nabnecro in Arena 5v5 quick guideline (MC side)   
    The reason I am writing this is because it has been impossible to have fun in arena 5v5 in a long time. Players (even level 21-22) are completely clueless on MC side of Saphhire server.
    So, instead of cursing other players or making posts asking devs to nerf elf and chosen side, I will try to make other MCs step up their game.
    I known, I known, most of the people actually reading this are the ones who already aren't completely clueless on arena 5v5 but I think maybe someone can benefit from these quick guidelines. Remember, "there is no knownledge that is not power"
    The number one factor of 5v5 outcome is amp. But that is something I cant really help because it will depend on how much money one decides to spend in this game. I can however, try to help in the number two factor which is strategy. Following are quick tips for each class on MC side, it's usefull to read about every single class and not just the ones you play because knowning what to expect from your teammates gives you an advantage too.
    You should stay at the front line and be the first to tank attack skills from the enemy. Wait for necros to cast shield and shaman to cast heal on you before you go tank. If there are too many rangers on the other side, try not to tank all of them at same time. Take a few hits, get back to be healed a little and then go tank a few more hits or else you will be dead in seconds. Your role is to get the enemy attention as long as possible while staying alive.
    If you have a tank on your team, wait until he gets the attention of the enemy team before you attack anyone. If you can make the enemy use most of the attack skills on the tank, you will survive a little longer while you try to kill someone.
    Use your gouge skill: most rogues have 3 or even 5 points on gouge but dont care to use it on 5v5 which is a big mistake. Go stealth, gouge someone with good defence or a ranger, and only then go try to kill someone.
    If you have more than one rogue on your team, try to attack the same target as him.
    Always check for enemy classes that can detect your stealth and try to avoid those skills. Paladins tend to use Harad's banner based on the proximity of the enemies they can see or when the battle already started and everyone is stunning everyone.
    You can choose to use your heal on yourself or on someone you known have a good defence and will get the attention of the enemy. Use blind to save someone who got hamstringed by BD or to lower the enemy burst damage by blinding rangers. Try to place earthquake where it hits most enemies or to disable BDs and Paladins.
    Death Knight
    Almost the same role as Barbarian but im my opinion DK is bit better for 5v5 because of Threads of Darkness. Try to use threads as soon as possible so all of your team can gang and fastly kill the enemy who got pulled away from their team.
    Dont get stunned at the start of the game. Always keep in mind nightmare range is 4 yards and root is 5 yards so stay cautious with druids on the other side.
    Choose someone on your team to focus on heals and shields. I suggest supporting the following classes in order of priority:
    1) Warlock
    2) Shaman
    3) Other Necros
    Of course if warlocks or shamans are not being attacked you should support anyone who is close to you. But if you have to choose someone to stay alive, always opt for locks and shamans first for the following reasons:
    1) They are easier to support because they are ranged classes. You dont need to expose yourself to root and hamstring while supporting then.
    2) Warlock is the best class for 5v5 and have the best stuns in the game, a warlock with a good Necro support is extremely difficult to kill. Use nightmare to protect him when he is on circle and fear cooldown while healing and shielding him.
    3) Warlock and shamans are the the classes that most bennefit from Fateful Connection and also the ones that makes it most easy for you to use it and catch a number of enemies on it.
    Dont get stunned at the start of the game, learn to position yourself outside druid root and BD hamstring.
    Dont miss circle, use it only when you are sure you can take at least 2 enemies on it.
    If you dont agree with something written here please feel free to help me improve this guide by posting what you think. Remember this is intended to be a quick read for noobs to get a better understanding of arena 5v5.
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    firemastar reacted to Tood in is there any place to know all drops of DG ?   
    Key logger ^^^^ FIRE IN THE HOLE!
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    firemastar reacted to Nosotraes in is there any place to know all drops of DG ?   
    I have seen them equips once, but don't know anymore when and where.
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    firemastar reacted to #Lortemar in is there any place to know all drops of DG ?   
    damn  u got me
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    firemastar got a reaction from deathcrown in is there any place to know all drops of DG ?   
    is there photo show that , spical last updat krouns DG what is equpmiant  drops there ? i know lvl21 heroic armor but i need more info about state and bouns for each singal item 
    ty for answer 
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    firemastar reacted to nabnecro in New Equipaments !   
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    firemastar reacted to firemastar in is there any place to know all drops of DG ?   
    is there photo show that , spical last updat krouns DG what is equpmiant  drops there ? i know lvl21 heroic armor but i need more info about state and bouns for each singal item 
    ty for answer 
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