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  1. i have 2 Suggestion to make game better way to play :

    1- Hotspot bars when , you guys going add more spot 

    we already have problem with this , big problem , like barb i have 10 active skill and you added resilince book last updat wich make things so hard , and i always have to go bag to use pot or scrolls or whatever add 

    i suggeset to add more hot spot in right off screen 


    2- about resilience , i suggest to add effect come with it ( like solidity and physical deffence ) which make resilience effect on reseved control skill casted by enemy 

    example : if skill make stun for 5 sec and i have resilience 20% then i only get stun for 4 sec (1 sec canceled by my resilience )

                    that will fix balance chars problem and stun circal for all chars will be limited ( dont tell me game not about pvp , pvp and arena is half off this game )


  2. On ١‏/٦‏/٢٠١٧ at 7:00 AM, blacknia said:

    you need some brain man .you can buy it from mcoins gl .

    100% stun 

    50% stun chance 

     just asking simple qustion wich stun is good ? 

    are you kidding ?? you dont know who i am ?

    your lock +10 full cd cant win me 100% sure 


    all i need 1skill window rap your lock , if you at US server you should know that 

    durid is complet circal stun , lock have 1sec window that enghf for barb to rap it 

  3. 4 hours ago, Jzargo said:

    Too many PvE classes in sentinel, we need warlock's counterpart or PvP-born class:sleep:

    Priest, Ranger, Paladin, Mage, and now Warden. Most of their skill are PvE based.

    what about durid ??? isnt it max stun forever :blink:


    4 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    They think that mcs have low AoE control :facepalm:

    in mc only 2 skill area control , lock darkcircal and shamn quak but in elf side each calss have some bd  pala durid mage all have area control 

    tell me did you ever fight 2 pala and 1 mage in 3v3 ?

    almost i can breath , 

  4. hallo there  :fool:


    are you Dev try KO MC side , update after update make MC side harder to play  :fool: 

    WS have big problem in population in each side game , i sure it more that 90% elf " once before in valdmer event only 16 mc and more than 120 elf was there  :facepalm: "


    few mistake in dev come in last few update make this worse : 

    1- USELESS THINGS ONLY IN MC SIDE : in past was only drop Bow & Cbow useless in MC side , no GM and 2 more useless drop by change stauts amp to magic    " Mace and Spear " that very powerfull in elf side for pala and very useless in mc 

    2- ELFS SKILL WORK MUCH BETTER IN DGS THAN MC SKILL :elf chare with area skill dmg wich make them better chance to end new dgs which have too many mobs " pala +10 can kill all mobs even 40 in few sec by Baner skill & mage skill almost all area dmg skill " in time MC area skills dmg is suck dmg compaier 

    3- WAR BIG MISTAKE UPDATE : war update keep push new player in mc to go elf  " imagine defenders in mc like 5% Elf attacker 

    4- EVEN MC CHARS BETTER IN CASE 1v1 BUT ELF CONTROL ALL SEASON ARENA :did you seen top arena season chars , 90% its elf chars because skill elf work in group fight much better 


    EU server AOA guild get KO , soon Other servers , some more time all MC side is dead = many quit  " seem like me soon 2011 player "


    Suggestion to fix this problem : make expert skills back to kind class , not to spicifce class 

    Example skill should be 3 type " tank - support - damage "  

    Damage : rouge - lock - mage - ranger 

    Tank : pala - barb - Dk - BD" blade dancer i  dont know  why use axe"

    support same 


  5. I'd say it's a matter of personal preference - Strong Blow deals instantaneous damage, while Chop's damage is continuous, so it depends whether you like wearing your opponents down slowly or just cave their face in instantly. Also, I think that 1% difference is pretty much meaningless

    its not 1% dmg only , its 17% for blow vs (((18% X4 ))) for chop 

    in my dmg that mean 120 dmg if lvling Blow , vs 100dmg x4 (400) if lvling chop

  6. Different skills used

    The first used on dmg skill like blow or merc

    The 2nd work on argo debuff and shield like necro shield and roar

    very funy , i know about skills use in   :)

    but why that very different  ???? its just filler relics 

  7. 1t7RyFD.png Great Relic of High Mastery


    Required level: 1

    Class: Unique

    Description: 10% chance to allow a reuse of the skill without cooldown



    eT1L45j.png Great Relic of Concentration


    Required level: 1

    Class: Unique

    Description: 10% to decrease skill's cooldown time by 40% instantly



    same chance active , why secand relics FOR ???

    i sure in test server secand relics was 30% active time , that make point in it

  8. Untitled.jpg

    just easier show for skill Dmg number for each dmg skill

    this number gathered by lv28 char  

    defeat have x2 line ( first line with Chop incress , second line without Chop )

    cheak the attached pics


    notice : Chop by leveling give more dmg than Blow leveling  :shok:

    Chop give +18% dmg X4 hit if leveling it 

    Blow give +17% only if leveling it 

  9. Rogue needs a stun, not debuff :nea:



    Rogue nerf getting heavier as the more tests keep up I did a few and kelvsz been keepin me updated 1 Poison reflexes Now only 9%?!?! Should still be just 3 Positive dodges in my opinion .... And new skill weak also elves Raped our cornhole in war now with more mages they'll do it every time gg elfs I'm still plucking the arrows from my ass


    btw rouge will rule next pried  rouge now can reach 70% dodge go max set dodge and max x2 skill dodge and tell me then  if rouge need stun  :rofl:

    Poor necro, the hardest class for play you almost get crazy trying to save your party when shaman go offline and now the skill that i was almost crying for so much happiness is just something weak, i was a tanker and change my class just for known how a support play and almost gave up, necro is really really hard you cant be a nice support if you focus on atack and if you be a support heal your char is noob so i choose for make conection lv 4 for help my party on atack and wow this new skill is what will make my game be fun so please make it a litle better and please, i am always helping people on the 1st sland if this can be possible make solo necros the possibility to increase the atack on someone that are not in party, almost like the protection skill of druid and shaman skill number 2.

    someday i for sure know that necro will be a nice class and my dark force skill will be like that \

    did you cheak poisn shield skill :D ? :spiteful:  its give 12 hit about 1200 dmg , sure will be some cri on them 

    in dg 5mob around will give you 8k dmg :blush: that better than 3 skill dmger shamn 

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