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  2. Im leader of guild '.' Look this sshot and then talk again;)
  3. lol really? tradin/selling acc is illegal :!
  4. last year map had dungeons but u dont needed to walk 10 mins to get last lvl dungeon + best gift they can give is 1 set surprire chest, 1 stamina seeker and 5 revives, 5 repairs and 5 teleport scrolls :3
  5. lol guys W T F you all know trading/selling accs is illegal and you go to forum speak about your stupid actions with screns that should give you perm ban :3 (that would be nice)
  6. For get to AoA i think you only need to play all the day for do all quests for good gp :/. If you want a War server go to US if you want a server full of +10 noobs fo to EU PS: EU is better
  7. Leader can't leave guild if there are members... he need to put the leadership to other member before leave, OR kick all members and leave for delete guild.
  8. Yes, relic is a quest in Ghost Village, every day you need to accept de quest and try to find the questor. Everyday you get 5 crimsons if you do the relic quest.
  9. Lol the best lvl6 player is Legionner, and he is the best because he have lvl10 bow -.-
  10. Ahaha you need to create a guild, up it to lvl3 and then no one will kick you for low gp
  11. Ahaha i think it will be better if they give 5xRepairs, 5xTeleports, 5xRevives and 5/10 Surprise chests than this **** seeker stamina.. -.-
  12. Need people for guild RaftWars on Mountain Clan side!!! *Guild info: Level: 2 Skills: Def. Skill = 2/3(3/3 soon) ... *For enter: 1. Need be active and try do 500 gp/week. 2. Min. level is 10. --- Leader: GalaxyMika Heirs: Raque Severiossss Zawl Galaxynecr Galaxyrogu
  13. Yellow and green ) spheres Red= boss, it can drop all spheres and equips, runes, staffs,...
  14. whatss? i said no critical = u dont need to do crit for dmg 3k hp fast
  15. well, i have all new skills, lvl22 324 dmg it does 404 dmg to all enemies near,....IS THE BEST FOR FARM if u put first expert skill, + 2 +3 +skill u can damage some 3k without crit in 10 secdsns
  16. :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: You are just the best, you helped me to help my friend about get to ayvondil ;) ;) ;) ;) +1 karma :pleasantry: :pleasantry: :pleasantry: ...cant speak about that...maybe it was a very long work
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