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  1. BDs received their much deserved nerf. But it's too soon to say the game is balanced, wait until you start seeing druids with duration extend relic (increased root duration) running around.


    Druids, locks and rogues are most unbalanced classes right now, lock has permanent control, druid permanent stun, rogue dont need it, he just one hits u hue


    bds always have been ez to kill

  2. Not easy to armistice druid bro, you will get stun first. root 5 yd armistice 4 yd. You can't simply run from BD they have rush

    and in 90° turn hamstring's range become 4 yard.


    For me the hardest meele class to run+elusive is BD, then DK, rogue, and barb.

    well there it goes, druid has stun from 4 yd, necro needs 5, bd can run fast, necro can do nothing special, ah right, he can buff :D well i was arena now versus fully amped druids, guess what when they were low hp they just used the secret link and full hp again '-' fair, not even crying about druid's stuns

  3. Necro shield 5/5 is as good as heal 5/5

    U should heal only when necessary, and at boss

    A good tank shouldn't need any heal most of the time

    And spam hpots, always, or what is the logic of having them?


    i have 5/5 shield and it is very weak :/ but ye thats what ill do, ill stop spamming heal xd

  4. I know there are already many topics about that but no one answers the question, how the hell should I do lab, dungeons and all these things now? Whenever i heal someone they all instantly focus me, even if my team is making good dmg i still cant heal anyone .-.

  5. So yeah, necromancer is a good class but compared to priest, shaman or druid it is...not good.

    In comparison to druid, druid has lots of heal skills (one of them abused, that restores all the freaking hp -.-) and lots of damage skills.

    in comparison to shaman...shaman has more heal and damage skills than necro.

    So what i suggest is:

    -Increase the druid's skill that restores full hp(i forgot the skill name) cooldown and energy waste;

    -Make necro's Poison shield and Infection give hp when activated(poison shield when used on necro will heal himslef and  allies/infection when expldoes heal allies);




    1. Get the quest.
    2. Go to the area that is marked green on your map.
    3. Wait a little.
    4. You'll be ambushed by a group of an elite and four strongs (party suggested unless you are overly strong, as these kill most lone travellers).
    5. Kill the elite before they disappear.
    6. Complete the quest.


    aaaaah ok ty

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