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  1. All have become enemys of each other all started competing and fighting each others
  2. A noob will tell like that deadly eye is waste. its good because its a combo of poisonspittle 2times eye and one poisonspittle
  3. I knew this that symbian update still not came what the ]:>
  4. hi snorlax do we have to buy license again and again to do quests and crafting stuffs
  5. I think this is a good idea
  7. Hey snor why the hell is the prob of ur dev team with symbian users pls tell you are really makeing symbian users angry do you know something you all are annoying
  8. Dear dev i am not complaining before i say my reason i thank u for this game now i am really disappointed for this problem of update for symbian and thanks again for the game
  9. Many players cant get costumes and other things of cc and many cant do cc quests like berengars tacktile avengers stela so pls give free costumes to all the players for christmas thanking you your fan lordanuj
  10. Hi to all moderates please make all rewards parameter none or equiping in the dungeon please notice and do something for these problem and thankyou for the fixes
  11. lordanuj


    We where the best we are the best need active players for guild we need you
  12. lordanuj


    Guys if you think ur are really pro so help my necro to get jokers card
  13. Friends of warspeareonline some guilds just show of and scam others so we guild phoenix are against it we need active and good players for guild we dont think you want us:)we think we want you our motto is unity in diversity so please join us we can complete any goal meet you in guild thankyou :) yoursfaithfully evilhealer
  14. At new map ayondille my suggestion is to make underwater areas to fight and do quests and new minions only for underwater and also equipments for it please see for it thankyou
  15. lordanuj


    After a guild tournament every guild gets 2set unity sign and 2 set unity portion
  16. lordanuj


    Your name is shit lords because u all eat shit sorry to :(
  17. As many players dont know about warspere many people get scamed by many players so we can use a news about it an also the history and many more many player can be used to get news about scams and chainless quests
  18. Mcs skills are becomeing waste for cl quests We need mcs more good cooldown n effect on Warlock n necro pls provide it.
  19. I know the process but how can i find players for guild
  20. Necro can defeate an level 20 ranger just has to wait till his mana ends cya ill tell in my next post
  21. lordanuj


    Donot belive weapons of level1 that attacks 10000
  22. Elfs dont understand any thing as elfs and mc can do anything combined can also do sixshadows like killing mini boss
  23. I hate elfs as they all are selffish they all are always do tradeing and farming they donot care of any thing they sell every things expensively
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