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  1. other group ? What is that mean ? now everyone in area have chance to get book ? Not only 1 kill pt ?
  2. Bruh if devs listen ,this game shuld be better, even they didnt promote this game ,how can ppl know this game ,all new player is alts from old player ,they wont move game cz they allready got op char and already spend $ ,imagine when warspear has reach lv 40 maybe ,with all gear make us max stat , and what will devs do ? 100% will be boring
  3. Soon the game will close the server i bet cz develop didnt listen their player , or maybe someday other big develope will aquisition this game to make game better and change name to warspear remastered maybe , with 3D graph and alot change , and we can call old friend play again like old days, devs gain $$ alot but the game still same , event still same model just with diferent waybet when 20 th anniv warspear ,all ppl who complaining now will left this game,we complaining cz we care bout this game
  4. Im play in elf side, but wtf this ?? Simply u can say just delete Mc faction
  5. Every mermen gvg , Elf happy , some will get rich and some will get stronger in Mc , ahh here we go again, just afk ,hopelesss, soon they move mc to elf , or maybe they leave the game , and put 1 star on app store ,first time i play this cz its say best mmorpg in 2013 maybe,and yes it was best mobile game in that year, but not now , the rating goes down and down
  6. In EU gvg last night we give win to mc in merman so they still have chance to get 32 gear , cz we know that we can will every gvg if we want, but we want make eu server lil bit balance,so they still have a reason to play mc , sad in US saphire, mc never get any chance to enter merman Dg
  7. How many ppl complaining about unbalance mc and elf , and they will say same thing bruh , thats why this game rating going low at app store and goole play storw
  8. look every server in this game ,count ratio beetween mc and elf , fix that , and ur player will stop complaining ,or more will complaining or they will leave mc side
  9. I dont know how long mc player keep play this game , im ex mc player , i move to elf as a warden , and its really fun, i can keep 1 set LS for a couple week and also few set pot ,i can walk everywhere without afraid of ganking haha so diferent when i play mc but yah no matter how many time we complaining ,there always an answer this game is still "balance"
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