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  1. Since its up to the (cough cough) LUCK, why not make a Luck Potion which increases the chances on drops! Or a buff on higher ranked guilds, because lets call a duck a duck, its pay to win, OR make dgs free to run but make them more difficult with a higher drop rate. Just a thought
  2. This feed is truly giving zero info, I want eq because of aoe and stun + dmg, then I hear it fails... Blind seems very just 1v1 so I think that is best for pvp, Im trying for a PVE shaman, 5 heal and 5 Eprotect my mind tells me that I just go eq but if it fails all the time its a waste of skill points, would giving blind 2 and eq 3 be so bad? Im not a PVP shaman, PVP is for mcoiners.
  3. I'm going with a PVE build, I believe crafting is made just for this build, Pvp is for arena gear, PVP brings on the drama so... 5 heal 5 E.prot 4blind 4totem. But Im on the update 5.5.1 let me know if there mght be a different build, Ive heard quake has a high dodge rate, thoughts?
  4. Will the picture is not attaching, but my text line is blocked by pop up keyboard.
  5. The new iOS 9 update blocks the text line I can't see what I am typing, I have tried looking on on options but I will keep trying, any suggestions? Other iOS users?
  6. You guys are doing an amazing Job, sometimes you guys get more of a beat down than praise for developing such an attractive game, but nothing is ever smooth but keep up the great work! Thanks for the chests and the extra items for the issues at hand, stay positive and keep working on your craft.
  7. MCs... Offense offense go offense! You guys just wait to be raped I dont get it, plan and strategy is key, but with all the TROLLING and EGOS well it makes it hard but during war alot but alot of elfs dont help.
  8. From what I see the MCs never group or even come to attack the flags, they sit and wait for elfs to come. If you do nothing you get nothing.
  9. Anyone know what's going with the servers, its all stuck on connecting... are the servers down?
  10. Really its all about the gear you have and the amps, mixed with skill points applied to your regualr skills and finally complimenting all with the proper Expert skills! just depends on the combination you are applying it can flow as a combo! But im still learning this game, but druids do have the 4% racial skill so apply it with dmg or heals.
  11. Getting my Druid on...

  12. I for sure thought alchemy would be part of crafting, making potions would be fun too, farming herbs
  13. Will you be applying points to barkskin? It seems it might be legit to add points to it with an increase on 4.9 but barksin seems more for higher lvls with good def or for pve, it's time to start playing with it and discovering if it works, Let me know what you think.
  14. This skill, should stun at least as roots at 1 point, or make them walk in slow motion for at least 1.5, it costs way to much to just tickle your opponent, BD long stun, Pala Stun, Rogues stun... Etc at least fix Barkskin to help the druid, but I'm just a simple guy in the forym, what do I know right? Forym... Pfft.
  15. No one is pro on game, everyone can die...
  16. People in the end it has to do with skill points, amps, weapons and gears... Most of all amps! What makes you good at pvp is your knowledge of the class you play! But dodge is a Druids best friend.
  17. What they should have done is amp one of five skills already, but basic skill must be maxed 5/5, dew could heal more than just one party member, roots can root down more that one, barkskin the same more than one party member, lightning could stun and silence at expert lvl and bees could confuse and blind. But I have a feeling there is more tweaking ahead with expert skills.
  18. I am so confused about barkskin, I have 2 points at lvl 16 and I don't get one bit of defense rarely it defends me for 1 point, sooo instead of 56 dmg I'm taking 55 dmg. Supposedly there is an improvement coming... I would figure that it would cover by percentage, 1 = 10% 2 =15% 3 = 20% 4 = 25% 5 = 30% off base armor! because everyone weapon is improving but my defense is low, it might be off my base armor but I'm not twinking my low lvl! I like my toons to be capped. Boring to be a lvl 12 arena bot, arena is boring to boot, time for some other stuff.
  19. You need a good faction battle ground update, destroy towers or capture the flag! Tons of fun, guild pts, rep pts you know that kind of thing, keep up the good work.
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