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  1. Hi,

    I have not played WS for several years (since the maximum level was 24) and I have been far behind.

    I would like to know how the DK class is currently. What are the most frequent builds (equipment and skills).
    First I have to go up from lvl, because I'm still 24 (lvl 18 equip Heroic/Divine defense mix..... good times) . Then I don't know what to do with the gold. I buy skills (which ones) or do I wait for when I go up from lvl to spend it on equipment?

    The best,

  2. really ?? i am thinking that i will pass the skill point of exhal to SH and Dead Call. i think that i will win lot of damage and the exhal stun time arent gonna decrese (i think ).

    So the skill build that i am gonna use when i am 22 will be :

    - thorns 5

    - Threads 4

    - Deac Call 4/4

    - Steel Huracane 4/4



    The skill uild is more for pvp than pve. What u think DK players ?? It could be ??

  3. I think that its a good idea. right now DK is defeated by any class in 1 vs 1. before the update DKs got the spear and the most powerfull burst, but now r 2 other classes that can equip it so ¿¿ what is special on DK ?? NOTHING. DKs need something to be competitive against other classes or the class r gonna disappear.

  4. Hi WSz. All players know that defeat a ranged unit with a melee its really hard :facepalm:  unless u go full amped. my idea is to introduce some skill to melee units like silence or similar to have some chance agains ranged.

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