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  1. Ew why do you always talk about dicks are you gay? (hehe)
  2. Your Your Your your have the rite to suck my deeck. Is your nazi boner shrinking???
  3. I know your a RETARD so i am going to make this very simple.Stuns>No Stuns If you have any questions you have the right to smd.
  4. Warlocks has two stuns while elf and chosen have 1 stun combined (ranger push) SEEMS LEGIT. Why don't we balance the game? Oh wait that would make too much sense DUHHH.
  5. I agree invisibility and massive crits paired with op dodge isnt enough devs plz do your job and listen to this person!
  6. Haha this game is laggy whats new? What do you expect we have people from all over the world playing on KFC internet connection maybe you should complain about something the Devs WILL fix like..... Your name on forum ;D Oh yeah you could ask for more forume ranks because at the end of the day that is what matters.
  7. Buy 6 sets of signs 33k each Pm Coolcatkid
  8. Haha no im not im actually really mean. :(
  9. We dont need any more forsaken. So either be an Elf or Gtfo noob!
  10. MLG Godswraths is awesome just accept it guys. This is seriously getting embarrassing,Its hard to be so strong.
  11. Mlg Psychotic!!! The Prophecy Fortold his Awakening 8)
  12. Um.... Obviously Coolcatkid hes MLG ;D
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