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  1. Godswraths the Ultimate is now Lvl 20 Like a boss.
  2. Hehe it reminds me of Gru as the Fairy Princess in Despicable Me 2 ;D ;D
  3. I pushed F5 but mine is still not large or long :cray: ;D
  4. You had to call on your slave yurosuckherodick necro
  5. xhero no matter how many times u rev on spot you'll never be as coolcat as me 8)
  6. Yeah that was fun. How come there arent more crossing fighting lvl 13 druids around :lol: Good luck and if you ever feel like visiting come say hi ;D
  7. Now this is the Pvprange I know Bopp is the devil ;D
  8. I'd want a chop skill range 5 yards so you can't kite a bd for long they would be able to ham you eventually. Would provide some balance.
  9. :rofl: Its funny cuz of how true it is.
  10. Wow bout time i got Doom Bow ;D ;D
  11. I'll miss you blue guy :cray: You were always so blue that's the kupid ill remember have lots of fun irl later.
  12. Pvprange of course :bomb: (like this was a real question)
  13. You should come to Us and kill all the gankers :bad:
  14. Yes im mad why do you care? Is it cuz u care about me? Why? (cuz your gay right?)
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