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  1. Yeah we never lose arena do we :blush:
  2. Elves are not stupid Warlocks are OP and your an idiot.I'm done now bye.
  3. His guild has lvl 3 Passive def Acrid lvl 5 bees doesnt just raise each dot by 20 it also decreases the enemies attack speed by ??(5%??)?? each level so hypothetically if it is 5% each level the enemy will face a 25% attack speed penalty.
  4. According to Reaper your a stupid elf and are crying on forum how nice huh ;D Yeah i agree reaper is an idiot warlock who cant accept that his class is OP.
  5. Says the Warlock face some pros in Lvl 19-20 arena (you pussy) then talk about how Warlocks aren't op but all elves are stupid.
  6. There goes my chance in becoming a millionaire :sorry: Bye razal :friends:
  7. This is truly sad to hear :cray: (I mean it) I'd hate to see your stuff go to someone undeserving so im on right now ill take that stuff :bomb:
  8. Was a good fight We both have high lvl trap it wont happen again though :drinks:
  9. You wrecked bopp and i Today :yahoo:
  10. We arenad against each other today i won once 8)
  11. Coolcatkid yeah hes pretty awesome!
  12. You should pvp my barb lvl 10 names corner like when two walls meet. :dirol:
  13. Can u be my gf? :blush: :give_rose: Me love you long time ;D
  14. Lol i dont think u guys get the joke :lol:
  15. Elf is better than Mc 100%
  16. Then you do not know me :give_rose: :lol:
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