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  1. Bye Legionn good luck :friends:
  2. This page is 1337 :shout: Look at my Coolcat Mlg car 8) And me :blush:
  3. Legionn :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: We didn't steal shit. Why do you even assume we did?
  4. while i agree this is cool i doubt many phones can run it.
  5. huh? No im fine thx for asking laters
  6. Omg :facepalm: Past 2 posts about this SCAMMER not hacker. Character*Is it that hard to try and keep your info to yourself?
  7. Young boppers, Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.
  8. I can but that's not the point. I don't want their to be crossing advantages it is BREAKING the game because some people can not target "as easily". Using the crossing for protection is just cowardly and OP. What happens to people who are not on laptop? I'm just trying to make this game more balanced and fun.''
  9. Thx :friends: I just hope Devs agree with you :pardon: I am on a Pc, Problem still there :wacko:
  10. This crossing stuff is bogus :bomb: I think a good idea is if an enemy is at a crossing you dont have to select to either attack or go through crossing it should just automatically go to attack. This would help balance the game from OP crossing tactics. Plus, if you want to cross you can select any other crossing square. :friends: Edit: Make this a setting option so if you don't think this is something you would use or do not like the idea of it you can disable the option and pick if you want to cross or attack.
  11. You can just sell mcoin items and make alot more. How much good would a gold potion do? Probably not alot.
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