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  1. I like 3 points in trap because you can use 2 traps at a time which can be useful when protecting or holding a crossing. But thanks to new rogue skill and dk pull I'm not really sure it is worth it in pvp. Scatter is strong at high levels because the distance it gives and the cc is provides but if you are in a bad position then it is worthless. Against Casters i would say dodge is extremely effective against them especially shamans. It is basically preference I would suggest trying them all out. :good:



    Right now I am running:

    5 powershot

    1 scatter

    1 dodge

    5 bless

    3 trap

    3 fire arrows


    whats so funny? want me to bring the person you shared accounts with to this discussion? if anythings funny its your "reputation" as a legit player  :crazy:



    buying/selling accounts is just as bad as sharing accounts with other players, try me


    PLLZZZ NOOOO! My reputation is everything to me if you did that I would never have a chance to make any friends. Swaaz I play this as a game I'm sorry your offended about this but maybe you should get over it? GLHF
  3. I started playing when i was in the eighth grade... Before there was an amping system ;D . May not be that long but now I am a junior in high school and still have some of my good friends but many people have left :(  Long live Warspear . :give_rose:

  4. The problem is not this new update it is because Healers have so much CC and thanks to arena gear they can be tankier than tanks due to heals add the ridiculous amping system and you have a broken game. I mean what is the point of having melee classes who are not even close to how strong healers are. When a healer has more dps than other classes there is a problem. This game needs a serious rework.

    :facepalm: :facepalm:



    you want me to talk shit to you too? because this doesnt concern you



    everything i said was FACT, jizzsaw was always a big-mouthed kid who purposely kissed-ass to anyone he knew was better then him.



    and if u had ANY idea who jizzsaw was BEFORE he amped, youd have a say in this.



    but no, your just another casual trying to be the white knight



    you can ♥♥♥♥ off fatkid


    Swaaz grow up :facepalm:
  6. Swaaz uncool, you can be a real dick sometimes.



    Jizz you were always cool and I am gonna miss arenaing with you. I wish i could this crap game lol. Have fun irl wish you had an xbox so we could party up. If you have league of legends add me I'm coolfatkid.

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