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  1. good idea, I think this could help to balance the game. :)
  2. Yes this could be better than spamming of tickets.. :good:
  3. True.... its great if we have Warehouse Keeper and market dealer in kotarava. O:-)
  4. tomorrow is last day of submission of entries good luck to all. O:-)
  5. omg you want to see bare-chested woman in warpsear? that is not acceptable!If you want watch porn go other sites not warspear!
  6. I just asked one question "WHEN DID I ACT AS HYPOCRITE?" Just answer that ducking question and if you are proved that I acted Hypocrite then I delete my topic here. but if not stop posting your comments here. I don't need to ducking goggle it I have dictionary,. And its not directed to me? Then to whom?
  7. if I don't like the work of others I just simply not put comment on them. why? because that is called good moral. do you know the sayings that " if your mouth will bring bad odor better not to open it." the saying means if your words are going to offend others better not talk at all. and why hypocrite is being mentioned ? do you even know what hypocrite means? I don't see any reason for you to call me hypocrite, hypocrisy means feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion. the hypocrisyof people who say one thing but do another so tell me when did I act Hypocrite?
  8. Please lock this topic too... I said what I need to say already.
  9. ohh I know you... Many people hate you... I hope your not of those slutty guys who asked to duck someone in World Chat?
  10. Yes I am asking for attention to stop those slutty guys who frequently asked sex in world chat! If you don't many girls in this game would be harassed verbally and sexually.
  11. you got my point I want to stop slutty guys who harassed woman verbally in this game that's all. forget the World Chat just want stop those slutty guys. end of topic.. by the way +1 for you dark soul.
  12. yes this is a good idea... +1 to all people who agreed on this..
  13. yeah and mage cape too.... :cray: sis mages are really weak class isn't it...
  14. I don't know who is that girl calling you ugly and pervert (but who ever she I hope you didn't argued like what you are doing to me now). but you know in some countries who are really conservative , for example countries in middle east who don't want those kinds of words. You said beer is best thing for summer and GIRLS for the winter. So why you need girls for winter? Ofcourse for sexual need right? for some girls if you talked to them like that of-course they will got angry except for westerns I guess. And called you sis coz you really argued with me as if we were in a cat fight? I know real man will just give a brief message and not talk like chicken. Please handsome Moderator R0land kindly locked this topic please.... O:-)
  15. is there any rule telling that if you changed the title of name you will get banned? So you should also asked those people who called the game LAGSPEAR because of frequently lagging of servers. I am just talking frankly. I thought you liked people who are straight to the point? see your comments above?
  16. you don't know how the games work in machine code ways I guess. its ok sis I am dropping this topic Already. I need shower. bye :lol: by the way I think they should changed the name to SEXSPEAR. I seen many sexual messages in World Chat today. :bad:
  17. do you want me talked about the codes of the game>? on how it works? simple if a string is added then it will show in the dialog box or message box, the problem is there is only one message box or text box so the number of strings entered are going down. even if you used ♥♥♥♥ng ignore button the strings are still added in the message box, so nothing is different. I can't seen the messaged of ignored user but his messages or strings from him still counts on the message box. that't is Im pissed... By the way sis thanks for your time here. I can abandon this topic now. I hope you understand all of things I saw above thanks sis.
  18. Even if you ignored them people will still don't see your post. Why?1 post of mine is equal to 5 times post of them. you know even if you ignored them still their messages count on the World Chat. like this. Selling set of signs 25k each. Please I want whore pm me. duck my d*ck is ducking lone please pm. Need Whore pm. duck your mom those red message are message of spammers. you think my message will shown if my 1 post= 5 post of the spammers? and I sell Signs or Miracle items, like scroll of repair or potions and those items are essential for the game. what do you think?
  19. my only point here is that time the spammers are not very active because they will be asked to stop by all people busy in trade chat. Again I repeat, BEFORE Spammers are less because they can't spam on World Chat unless they will get banned. but not its really annoying to watch them talking like noobs asking for sex. the game would be called SEXPEAR.
  20. We can stop this mess by this solution. Before in World Chat we can show those items and each of the spammers are being warmed that they will get reported if the wont stop spamming, you think why? It is because every people in World Chat that time is busy in the business so no one can't do a massive spamming before. But now its rarely that you will see decent talk in World Chat. All Chats you see are just spammers for shits and I don't really like someone asking to duck them.. you see the before and after scenarios? that is what I wanted for all of you to realized.. you also mentined that World Chat is for asking help right? if you forgot the Guild is now existing and all guilds will offer their help for the GP. So I think the World Chat is not very fuctionable. its only sourced of entertainment for those who talk non-sense and shitty sex talks like this. "Pm me I need whore to duck!" I seen many of the players are young adults so if parents of this young players saw what words they learned form this game then it might be the caused of some issues in the law. Because of this World Chat Spamming many indecent words are seen in World Chat. Not only noob or idi0ts, sometimes they talked more sensitively like this " Hey I will duck your mom!" See? If some parent work from a certain government saw this... then it might be cause of more serious problems for this game.
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