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  1. I rmb my noob ranger though those times were priceless
  2. Leaving because of update :snorlax:
  3. :cray: jizz don't leave the game :sorry:
  4. Grats blitz for reuniting :drinks:
  5. Hey, intrepid is a helpful and nice guild, if you need gears we can provide it to you. Even if your not op, you can also join us and even get closer to pernicious members :drinks:
  6. wish you guys goodluck too :friends:
  7. Jizz blitzkrieg isn't only for lvl 14s, it's for all level player :snorlax:
  8. wait...,so any levels who did swamps + cl get to enter tower or lvl 19 and above who did swamps and cl gets to? :unknw:
  9. phew, luckily i did chainless league and swamp quests on my druid already :yahoo:
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