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  1. Lol yubi im dead :D but still i stand beside u xD ;D 8)
  2. U think blitz is gone ;D :wacko:thats so funny
  3. Yea but easyly we can kick their ass;-):-D:-D
  4. Im not afraid lmao :bad: i dnt want to lvl up my char because im bored in lvl 20 :)
  5. we have a chance to win if guild tournament is seperate from lvl 20 *z* lol
  6. duck cant donemy qst shit that mage xkiex and xrevenger :facepalm:
  7. me i have many times try to kill sam hain but xrevenger always evade wtf pls fix this :nea:
  8. gm help to recover my acc :'(
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