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  1. No no.... no... god.. why would you do this to yourself? :facepalm: it looks like some kind of a rotting flower.. :lol: :unknw: :(
  2. Wow this is amazing :shok:! Your putting airgrind to hame with this one dude :lol: :good:
  3. Yes YES YES YES :yahoo: I am in love! :yahoo: :give_rose: :blush:
  4. Keep your hopes up kid, you got my vote :good:
  5. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Remember its just a game :facepalm: Just sayin :pardon:
  7. Omfg I thought it was just me :unknw: is it gonn be another quick bug fix update :wacko:
  8. Can someone please (I beg u) explain this? :unknw: :cray:
  9. I can't thank you enough for this :yahoo: Ill look over this everytime I go on my necro :pardon: , not because its so awesome ;D just that I have bad memory :facepalm:
  10. Cataclyzm


    It wasn't suppposed to happen unless he was a priest, just don't worr :drinks:y about it
  11. Cataclyzm


    Omfg this is so true :shok: :mega_shok:
  12. I'm getting conflicting info about Necros Skill Details so bear with me on this.. :crazy: Firstly nightmare Lvl1 ~4 seconds Each level increase is one extra second? :unknw: Deathly eye Lvl1 ~1.03% of the enemies health is gone Does the duration of the skill increase with each progressing skill level? And will it take only one deathly eye for the poison effect to happen if deathly eye is upped? What are the other levels of deathly eyes heath eating? :wacko: Poison spit If I'm correct it increases about ~20 to ~30 damage depending on ur dark magic? :give_rose: Ancient Seal I understand everything there is :good: Boneshield Is it true that there is about 100dmg difference from lvl3 to lvl5? :shok: :'( Ik what your thinking. If your thinking that I am too lazy to :search: look for answers myself then you'd be right :facepalm: Will you help a fellow necro in need? :blush: :crazy:
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