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  1. Choose a Rogue, good damage, good vitality, good speed.
  2. Se deberia... Próximamente haré una sugerencia al respecto, espero que Warspear me escuche :!
  3. Add 5 mins more to Dungeons, or increase stamina's 7/7.
  4. Los mejores siempre serán los que curan de golpe, PRIEST y NECROMANCER
  5. Greetings to all Warspear people! Welcome Beginners to the guide, adaptation, tips at Warspear. "Post dedicated to newcomers" 1.-First you need to choose a 'FACTION' (a side, group, race) And for that I recommend you choose a simple FACTION. You can choose: 'Firstborn' (elves) Bonus 4% Power damage or 'Mountain clans' (barbarians) Bonus 4% Health. Choose the one you like it. 2.-If you have chosen your faction, the next step is select a Hero. Each FACTION it has 4 heroes, If you chose Firstborn I recommend to start with 'Bladedancer'. If you chose Mountain clans I recommend to start with 'Rogue'. 3.-You can only level up with Quest, do not bother killing creatures anywhere. These Quest are marked with this symbol yellow colour ( ! ). These missions will require you to complete, kill, collect. So you get the rewards are gold, gears, experience. 4.-If you level up you will be awarded skill points (1 point per 2 Levels. I recommend distributing points: *If you chose Bladedancer -Level 2= 2/5 Flash Strike skill. -Level 4= 3/5 Flash Strike skill. -Level 6= 4/5 Flash Strike skill. -Level 8= 5/5 Flash Strike skill. -Level 10= 3/5 Hamstring skill. -Level 12= 4/5 Hamstring skill. -Level 14= 5/5 Hamstring skill. -Level 16= 2/5 Sap skill. -Level 18= 3/5 Sap skill. -Level 20= 5/5 Sap skill. (I recommend use SWORDS) *If you chose Rogue -Level 2= 2/5 Merciless Strike skill. -Level 4= 3/5 Merciless Strike skill. -Level 6= 4/5 Merciless Strike skill. -Level 8= 5/5 Merciless Strike skill. -Level 10= 3/5 Stealth Strike skill. -Level 12= 4/5 Stealth skill. -Level 14= 5/5 Stealth skill. -Level 16= 2/5 Gouge skill. -Level 18= 3/5 Gouge skill. -Level 20= 5/5 Gouge skill. (I recommend use SWORDS). 5.-Here I will give some tips to be an independent hunter' gold coins. To do this you must be at least level 9, because at this level you can equip special weapons with good damage. These weapons are available for purchase with gold coins and are very economical. Sold only in the main store (the first city where you start). If you have purchased your weapons, I recommend only amplify ( 3 stars) max. You risk losing the weapon. The only requirement is to have weapons. You're ready? Go to hunt!. (In support pictures I will show how and where to go). I chose this place because it is very comfortable and easy to collect gold coins. Each creature can give 2 items valued at 4/6 gold coins. What you have to do is kill the creatures that are in that area. (I recommend having good space in your bag). If your bag is full items, sell all collected at the store. You will see how easy it is earn gold coins independently. Try to collect 5000 gold coins to buy weapons for level 12. Then return to Firstborn/Mountains to complete missions to be level 12 and continue progress. Before concluding, I would advise not to trust strangers. Thanks for visiting and good luck! ;)
  6. Good job The update has affected many players... The change of the Magic Defenses to the Magic Resistance. I hope Warspear Team fix skill Sun Magic to affecting members into party.
  7. Well, number 2 and 3 is very necessary for the good comfort. I wish and hope the Warspear Team consider the ideas.
  8. Maybe you're right but there is an exclusive purpose to R GOLD BAG.I have new ideas in mind and will share soon.
  9. Well, I think the R GOLD BAG would come to the shop 1 time per month? for not imbalance in the game. Is optional :)
  10. General greetings to you all! :) Well, I've gone back to my favorite section: Suggestions I was thinking of some good ideas ... Well, I want to share with you all. Here 3 points: 1.-Add a new item to the store: RANDOM GOLD BAG. 2.Add a new option in the game: ACTIVE BUFFS (scrolls, potions, elixirs, etc). 3.-Add a new NPC: PERSONAL DEPOSIT. This is very necessary for those who have many personal items (arena gears, farm gears, additional joyery, SOS weapons, etc) . Farmer players don't have enough space and is very uncomfortable. This new NPC would be available only for characters above level 10 and the cost would be 10 Gold per space (each deposit). I like to clarify ideas with images ... Thanks for visiting, and good luck. :)
  11. Well, first clarify that whether to use a shield, your enemy needs to have "physical damage"(BD, RANGER, BARB, DK, PALADIN, ETC). You can't use a shield vs anyone Staffers enemies: Druid, Shaman, Warlock, Mage, Necro, etc.
  12. I think better assign points to: Lv 5 Tears- Lv 5 Heal and Lv 5 Shield. Armistice-Word power work 100% Lv1 :)
  13. Hmm.. Dark shield is cool to resist :v
  14. I think this would be better: Interchanging/convert GOLD to MCOINS. But unfortunately this will never happen. :)
  15. Well, this happens when come 23:59h 1min (into game) and you're still in the game. You need OFF/ON Warspear for reset day. :D
  16. Well, the refining system needs some good changes, apparently nobody thinks any idea. :? Most play for fun, and improve with time, It took me about 4 months.
  17. My purpose is to give advice to new Ranger players. You can take your apathy to another place. ;)
  18. Correct, above Lv 15 is necessary to improve agility, attack speed, dogde, penetration, critical and accuracy.
  19. I qualify this event as "Good-Funny" and many new things. I hope this year with 4 new events Yeah!
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