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  1. Thanks for your answers. I was also wondering if you need miracle coins to have a better character in the end or if it's just to make things faster. Can you get the best equipement from quests and merchants or bosses drop gear as well ?


    What about he keeper ? Are we stuck with bags' slots ?


    What side needs new players on EU server ?


    And what would be a good class to level up with a shaman or druid for pve but later for pvp and arena ?

  2. Hi guys, I'm a new player from France.


    I started the game a few days ago and I wanted to start with a useful class. I went for druid, it's level 8 now (2 bolt 4 heal) it's quite pleasant because i can solo most of the quest quite fast with no long cooldown.


    But I think I made a few mistakes. The main one is to break and lose my level 7 staff by upgrading it for the 3rd time. What are the rules to avoid that ? I have to start back with level 1 staff because I had no money left.


    Which might be my second mistake : I bought several items from npc merchants. Is it a good idea or just a waste ? Shall I just keep money for later and level my character up with quest objects ?


    Concerning pvp and arena, can we lose our stuff there ? Or money ? Is there some kind of npc keeper in the game ?


    I think I'll start a chaman now just to try the other side. I definitely want to play a healer :)


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