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  1. Also known as noobs :dirol: But anyway, They're op.
  2. Rest in peace in peace :snorlax:
  3. Oh god :facepalm: Get him a trampoline
  4. I do :crazy: Have another look at your bedroom :spiteful:
  5. No one cares :facepalm: only noobs play on level6 arena.
  6. My barb has only c.c armors :dirol: Got to love the stats
  7. There's no such thing as 'pro' level6 player :facepalm:
  8. So this is some sort of mcoin-showoff topic, nice :dirol:
  9. So, what's the point of this topic?
  10. There's no good lvl6 players, lvl6 is for jellies. Lvl6 also has a lack of equipment and skill points.
  11. No doubt that every country can't have their own server, but brazilians are everywhere :snorlax:
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