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  1. Didn't say kill count was useful I just want to know for fun but you COULD make make it useful. Give everybody a prize after you kill a certain number of people. I wouldn't suggest equips but maybe win a costume for killing 1000 or a health potion for killing 50. And "check point" is probably a better word for how I was imagining it. I definitely hate (with dungeons for example) that if you die you get kicked out, have to walk all the way back from town, th en all the way through the dungeon again. I don't want to waste money on life scrolls!
  2. First, I'd want to see a running total of how many enemies I've killed. My friends and I go into enemy territory often just to kill mcs for fun and all of us have wondered how many we've actually killed. In an actual war, like what this update could be, I'd still want to know how many I've killed. Don't even have to offer prizes or anything I just want to know! Another suggestion would be to teleport all who enter to a random starting point. I think this could alleviate the worries of having to run past a party full of warlocks or a party full of rogues, etc. Also, reading that th
  3. Really getting tired of 1 vs 3! Make a 1x1arena if you're not allowed to use a team!
  4. My skill build is same as yanniz. 5powershot 3 scatter 5 blessing and 3fire. Never rank trap ever!
  5. That link you provided is irrelevant to this topic about weapon skins and not the skin tone of characters... A one handed candy cane skin can't possibly look any worse than that bell skin! So I say go for it. Also in response to the animations being messed up for boxing gloves.... Again I have to go back to the bell skin and wonder if the animations are all that important.. Lol
  6. Good to see everybody else is as upset about this as I am. I expect this to be fixed ASAP! :D ;)
  7. Those ideas are nothing out of the ordinary. You basically just want to change the colors which shouldn't be a separate skin. I do think we should be able to choose the colors though even without a skin.
  8. Can you make a boxing glove skin for one handed weapons? Thanks
  9. Why does the picture of Non-faceted cheery circles appear to be faceted?
  10. Guess some of these comments are irrelevant considering wolfsy has switched to crossbow hahah he's finally seen the light.
  11. I've been trying to get my crossbow to +10 for a while now. Never thought I'd completely WASTE $250 in really money buying mcoins and fail 800 amps in a row! Wtf all that for nothing . Warspear is all about money. Congrats on making money but this game is no longer fun.
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