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    lisaluv got a reaction from Panchen in Im an idiot.   
    I see a different sight from the ss since the day yet before Halloween event 2 years ago.. The side that Jess told here sounds a bit more as I've know her by years by some facts. Though I won't involve between all of this stuff, nor making enemies, still I don't think she would've been like this what the topic says... Anyway I hope it'll work out somehow and again, I'm sorry to hear of the break up and hope there won't be any drama anymore. And I'm sorry to hear about the disappearance of your characters.

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    lisaluv reacted to Jessica Jean Ottinger in Im an idiot.   
    First of all, I don't even know you and only talk to two people in game. Nor would I have asked a random person that I don't know, to use their account. I've never talked to you before so I'd you'd stop making up lies to feel included in a conversation it would be great.
    Second of all, I amped myself +10 on my birthday almost 2 years ago and actually amped ryders gear for him to +8 with my money.
    And lastly no, I didn't delete his characters due to me being at school and work all weekend. You all can believe what you want but the only time I log in warspear is to do my 5 free tickets then log off. Warspear is nothing to me anymore
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    lisaluv got a reaction from Turtle in My Disappearance   
    I'll miss you too sapph, someday i'll take a look on ws haha :3 thank you
    Dank u wel Ryder, soms zal ik eens kijken of jij en Jess ver zijn met de lvl 10's
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    lisaluv reacted to sapphire in My Disappearance   
    Miss u     lots of luck hun
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    lisaluv reacted to Turtle in My Disappearance   
    Lisa Ik hoop dat u vindt wat je zoekt en geluk in het echte leven
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    lisaluv reacted to Nosotraes in My Disappearance   
    Nooo.... Nvm, I wish you all the luck of the world
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    lisaluv reacted to baskentli in My Disappearance   
    its really hard for me say good bye to a good friend You will always be in my friend list

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