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    Tutorial is available now

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    genlo got a reaction from Omercix in AMPLIFICANDO ARMADURA DO 0 PARA +10 COM 80 SIGNS- AMPLIFYING ARMOR OF 0 TO +10 WITH 80 SIGN   
    go make  a better code moderators    i could even make a new weapon that never exist lol and ranger druid bd using 2handed axe:D
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    genlo got a reaction from Gladiator in [2016.04.27] Update Warspear Online 5.7 “Temple of Seals”. Release   
    I insulted devs and now I'm banned, don't make the same mistake
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    genlo reacted to Robin Brar in Am Lost [Reality Show]   
    hi guys good evening,
    its been many days i am confused and unsatisfied with myself, i have no idea whats wrong and whats good, but after thinkin' for a long time, i got the answer. i wish my post isn't gonna bore anyone, neither i am expecting for anythin' i just wana tell whatever i have in my heart and its all true. it may sound funny to all but yea if i wont share it now, i might never get a chance again. and am not gonna say anything against anyone.
    am playin' this game for years and i think i used to be better guy when i was a noob(newbie), now i have got all whatever i would dream to have in this game, but when i look back in past i feel like i got less but i lost a lot, its not about money neither time, and am changed myself, became aggressive, takin' things seriously, insultin' people, bein' racist, thats what usually i do. i play this game whole day almost 18 hours on my different accounts and this year after July 2014 i invested almost 5000 Australian dollars in this game and i used all for doin' nothin'. i got high amp but i miss the days when i used to be +1 amp but i was cool no personal fights, now everyday i watch people are changin' whoever gettin, high amp they're bein' short-tempt, insultin' each others even in arena for small issues ( if high amp player got killed by low amp, they act like its world's end, if low amp try to win arena against higher one) i just saw yesterday, because i was usin' low amp char for fun. then i realized i am same as them. i really don't have good words to elaborate whatever i wana say its really confusin'
    now am gonna tell what's difference between me and the guy i used to be year ago.
    i became lazy, 16 hours of everyday i keep myself on bed playin' game, i have 18 hours for this game but i don't have time for call to my mom( been 3 months didn't talked with family), i have money to invest in game but when my younger brother asked me for buy him a iPad, i told him i don't afford. but i bought 2 Phones and 1 iPad for playing game and usin' multi characters.
    i guess most of people are lost in game, its my last post here maybe, and i wish i will leave game soon maybe this week, and my apologize to all whom i used to insult and admins i really don't mean to say that game is changin' someone its fun there are many good players in this game who have high amp and they respect others. but yea i cant get over it so .......
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