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  1. U need to buy from hmmm idk,btw so many gold u have
  2. No hand in that costume Fix this!!!!! Costume name : [ruby alligator]
  3. Change my name to pink kuzmitch or mama kuzmitch or kuzmith the butterflies
  4. Shutup ! Can u jsut send me 1 notification like clash of clans. I get 10x notification! What the hell with you??!!
  5. genlo


    U think ur guild is the best? :crazy: :crazy:
  6. Im using iphone idk what problem i have ;D
  7. genlo


    Pay me :blush:
  8. Lol i just leave this topic in 1min and get 1 replies ;D,btw idk how to make this again ;D
  9. genlo

    Some quest gone!

    Yay ty gariel and fitch aliment crunch available now
  10. genlo

    Some quest gone!

    Lol unburning pearl still exist!
  11. genlo

    Some quest gone!

    Gm some quest are gone like some of this: -Camp Leaders -Fitch aliment crunch -Heavenly Stone -Etheral Dust -Gariel Fix this gm,i never see this quest in npc since 1-2 moths ago. Thank you ;)
  12. genlo


    I choose skull:blush:,skull=boneheads ;D
  13. What u mean we won? :blush:
  14. Waracabd? :crazy::crazy: his noob always think his best.vote none better
  15. Did you see my chat in ws?;D hehe btw when maintenance end?
  16. Yes,btw i chat u on warspear game:D Eh but the bug result tour get reward?pm me in ws or post here pls :)
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