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  1. genlo

    We have eyes

    YeH this bullshit
  2. genlo

    I cant get out

    There new quest to get [ceremonial costume]but now not,but my rogue stay in that hall and now i trapped and cant get out Here some ss Fix this
  3. lol?:D what do you think about this?gm is fear bro.
  4. Hi friends,gm,moderator,and all player warspear. ;D of course you know what the guild name is not it? not be complete if it already exists but there is no guild guild should war. Maybe need 50-100% member online in order to clan wars. yes this is just a suggestion from me. possible with the guild wars Warspear more exciting. and probably most people will like this. and suggestions to the power 2 is [sent mail], sent mail can only be done by the leader and co leader in a guild.maksud I suggest this so that in an emergency situation in all guild members can figure it out. would know that there should be a notification. yes maybe this advice from me, bye. :pardon: :)
  5. genlo

    new skill

    lvl 4will be better
  6. i dont like so much this nae :cray: :cray: ,change my name to MasterNgupil please
  7. genlo


    Guard and guard fighting,many player not report the quest in that npc,fix this i need do gp
  8. genlo


    Bug again and chinazhoux heal the guard and that make me cant report
  9. genlo

    Mcs and elfs

    Mc 100%noob idiot ,but almost 80%+ pro player is in mc and forsaken. I think
  10. Hehey can u see ur self? Mc just distrubing and the most mc do in pvp is killing low lvl.
  11. genlo

    Why different?

    I think something wrong.... See?why the color purple writing this costume? Why this gray?
  12. Agree , I chase him with someone from caravan to camp ghaspel but we still lost even though we both
  13. Gta 5 and clash of clans
  14. Hey thank you for changing my name gm,but its not my topic today. ;) My topic now is :Block who is selling char! Take ss from the game and post here and let gm blocked him.
  15. Look before update this costume are white but now grey,that mean grey something easy to be found. And btw ruby alligator have a bugthats is no hands .ty
  16. Ok then change my name to thehandsomeguy4ever or thecoolman4ever
  17. Call of duty ghost,grand theft auto 5,and clash of clans
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