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  1. theres so many i just can upload a few pictures cause my conecction is slow
  2. wait a minute im gonna show u bug on ios
  3. i tried to download ws on windows . i already tried this for many time and when i came to half the download is error and cancelled and so i play on my iphone there is a bug and still devs doesnt fix it i wait the update on the app store. PLEASE FIX THIS! and u need do test after update on all devicres not only on android and windows
  4. Looks like a groot from Guardians of the galaxy film
  5. Everyones mean lvl 1 too? or lvl 3- 24? Voted and i share it on Group Ws Online in facebook for indo
  6. It hp : 1.500.000 ya the costume has leg the first that have 3 horn have red color the sceond that have 2 horn only have blue color ty bro
  7. Story : Jarbu was born when the ayvondil was created.Jarbu is a twin but not a perfect twin he has 2 body ,2 head , 2 arms, and no foot but even he dont have a foot he still can move by flying. All this time jarbu hiding on te ayvondil, he hide on the 1 place in 1 month after 1 month he will find a new place where he can safe his self from legion or sentinel. Still dont know where he hiding now but we found a place that he had hide there . he had hide near faceles and spawn monster and some place. Now jarbu is near our city in ayvondil , 1 night in sentinel crossroad (Ayvondil map) Fort Warden or guard sentinel crossroad she fell asleep while she was working , and when jarbu saw she fell asleep jarbu took the chance to be a greatest boss.Fort Warden undercontrol by Jarbu now the closed castle or Castle of The Full moon is the place that jarbu stay forever, jarbu swear to anybody that come to it area would be hurting by jarbu. Skill: -Ball Lighting (Shaman skill) -Flash Strike (Bladedancer skill) -Panic (Necromancer Skill) What Jarbu Wants ? It just wanna be safe and have a place to stay. Drop : - Jarbu has 2 body so that what makes jarbu drop 2 costume , first costume [Jarbu costume](the one with the horn in the middle or the one that have 3 horn and red color) second [Jarbu's Costume](monster with only 2 horn and blue colour) - Damage III - Deffence III - Accesories level 19-22 Place : Up sentinel crossroad (Ayvondil) Behaviour : jarbu behaviour so bad it can attacks you attack you at the same time (Jarbu is twin so the twin attack at the same time)but the damage only 200 per att
  8. hi everybody wasup?i hope u fine i just wanna ask is it getting more chance if we use miracle coins not sign in amplification? ty
  9. 5 arrow,5circle,5fear,2/4 hex this my skill on my warlock lvl 22
  10. genlo

    Update for iOS

    All device already updated except iOS . My ws still ver 4.6.1 i've been waiting for shit 1 week i just wanna ask when update for iOS.......:(:(
  12. What is this ? New category?
  13. cytus abasalom quilt but warlock not wanted in dungeon
  14. Are update for ios will be late? cause last year i can't go to dungeons before updated in app store and need to download new
  15. finally ty gm , should u give us seeker stamina or life scrool ty and btw are ice queen will be 10% attack ? or will be added more status?
  16. yeah its tru apsyclypa scammer and he kick me from boneheads lol
  17. genlo

    Bug Weapons

    i dont know what to say u just can enjoy the video about 'bug weapons' enjoy! so what do u think about it?reply this or comment at my youtube video thank you:)hope gm not delet this:)
  18. genlo


    Spammer just wait it will be released
  19. Its cool man but i cant because is need pay / buy game from steams to vote it:(so ican't i just can hope the best for this
  20. genlo


    Like what ? Btw Im using ios
  21. genlo


    I was upddating this app and when i try to connect with server there was some data to download again .and after i waiting server say 'update error' And i dont know what happen,can u fix this? And btw wheres my topic with name "bug weapon"why u deleted this?why u hiding from us?
  22. genlo

    We have eyes

    Ya man,GM always put pc and android, so I do not like playing Warspear again
  23. genlo

    We have eyes

    Again?but more?but still lie? bad ways to ask me play this game:)
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