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  1. Who was the third with 5 rank after big pause?? :blush: for greatest respect deserves awwww I remember him when he started ;D was the only one MC which we could meet for a long time :drinks:
  2. siwers

    The FoF Clan Book

    Petrova prefers jewelry ;D
  3. I do not know :P ask on Russian forum, there you can always find more information ;)
  4. of course maximum level is still 18lv :bad: So we can start wait for next update ;D
  5. siwers

    The FoF Clan Book

    how long I had to do chainless quests thanks to you Eregion and horde other elves :bad: (on Petrova) you are not this apple Merc :P
  6. siwers

    The FoF Clan Book

    they already have a rotten apple on clan ;D
  7. na PC też się przyciski blokują ale wystarczy myszką kliknąć by się odblokowały
  8. princess kitty is sad now :'( needs a ticket to the caribbean, funded by elves ;D when we start elves block way to gate :bad:
  9. I saw it so i attack you too and someone killed you :crazy: I wanted wait for my elf friend because he was offline but Alairish killed me :bad:
  10. we waiting on shadows room ;] I don't know if everyone finished because some noob always atack me and finaly killed so I can't help rest :P
  11. w (nie)dalekiej przyszłości będą wykorzystanie te budynki :tease:
  12. I am from Polish Yes you can join, 22.00 Brunei time.
  13. Tu macie temat do umawiania się na PVP ;phttp://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=24916.0
  14. W sobotę o 16.00 lecimy na shadowsy :) Spotkanie w Camp of Legion :P
  15. why this kid always insult :bad: This is just a game..
  16. Quest planned for 29.10.2011 (Saturday) at 16.00 (GMT +2) is Polish time. Brunei time 22.00 :P meeting on Camp of Legion ;)
  17. They killed me when i want log off there so i back killed them and nobody helped (without slime) ;D
  18. v1.9.1 to tylko łatka na arene, Marcin już wam gdzieś wspominał o tym.. a w tygodniu ma być news o nowym update o ile można ufać wypowiedzią admina bo bodajże Kuz coś wspominał o tym jeśli mnie pamięć nie myli.
  19. what support elf must have to kill shaman :lol: 2 noobs die ;D
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