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  1. BUY DD armor AND boots buy SD sword/axe In game: panchdoge Us sapphire Or contact me here
  2. Well, idk man, the guild does not seem to be active
  3. For for bd,I'll help u if needed I've played tourmaline to Hotdogbr Hotlockbr
  4. ...it's not that simple I've experience
  5. Hello warspear players! As you may know six shadows is still a hard quest as far as I have experienced the couple of years. I would like to make a meeting for six shadows If you are interested doing six shadows Pm me in game: panchdoge You can also post me on forum!
  6. I've send a report to them, they said I would get a respond between 24h/48h 48 hours passed already...
  7. This time is scheduled on purpose, because the game does not even work properly with this amount of people at the war. Based on my opinion.
  8. Nice u gave us 2x miracle coins for the free miracle coins options but if the applications does not give the miracle coins its kind of pointless
  9. Mecha,I hope I don't bother u but do u have time to help out my bd with six shadows? It would be great If u could help me. Us sapphire sentinel side
  10. DAELMAR our warleader helped us hold our ground!!!! Ty, you are the best GM!
  11. I swear those mcs blind? Standing there for hours xD
  12. the warehousekeeper though The wooden hench even dissapeared a couple of times
  13. And? XD However cum un server! I h8 to w8!
  14. I've had in my past 5 years some lucky amps +0 to 1 lost The luck though
  15. Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8 don't h8 m8, we wil masturb8 at the g8
  16. gonna give it a shot again, new start new dramas
  17. Ihtehotdogx


    Why hate? It's a game,let them enjoy what they do and let it rest.
  18. Nice one bro, some fails but a nice recovery
  19. Seems like a well organized and friendly guild
  20. Excuse me guys, is there maybe a spot for me in the guild? I might come back
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