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  1. lol no! since i posted in Forum Chat it was i who was using not the part when he posted in competitions lmao Seriously im waiting for r0land to unban me since mods can't remove perma ban but only suspensions.Also Mecha deletes posts and threads i make and make instant perma ban but those deleted things can be seen by devs and mods which is a clue.Also Mecha will use another reason like why am i using Hotdogs profile? Because i can't communicate and im not spamming.
  2. Why people stop coming here because there are no more great dramas.When there where no moderators people here where free until abusing mods made here too boring(Since i said this i think Mecha will use this post i said as one of his reasons example if r0land unbans me and after a few months mecha will find a way to ban me again and he will ban me because my posts have always the drama word not just the word but all my posts he saw are spam)
  3. Fortunately Mecha banned me so i can't create a new poll unless the devs unban me.
  4. I'm participating in this contest and I hope you like my picture! In game: panchdoge
  5. Nope in 2012 in mobile it works but it crashes rarely on my device back then.I like the music back then.
  6. True because he's just a wannabe pro moderator who needs to control me.I think there's a connecting issue about him but lemme think for a while before the truth is revealed. Sorry Seduce Also i learned that you don't need to feed the trolls just make them starve to death without wasting oxygen.
  7. Bahhh duck this nonsense.Warspear Online is full of Drama and is caused by many including me.Seriously Warspear is all about the game until amping,scamming,mcoins,trolls,♥♥♥♥♥es,whores,shits,duckers,liars,scammers and all that i didn't mention are obviously mistakes.First i think all the Drama started in few persons including here in forums.The only thing to do is to leave the game and forget that Warspear even existed.Too much drama :/ is simply to much lies.90% of warspear users are drama lords.Racists,Trolls,Wannabes,Liars,Scammers,Lovers,Fakers and all that i didn't mentioned caused the game to be Drama.Too much Drama.Trash talk bullshit.In a few years Warspear will fall and memory will be a memory.
  8. Turtle who said i was member of Vortex? Also mind you're own buisness here even though you have friends this is none of you're buisness really.Also if Mecha ip banned me he will lose his job? Do you want Mecha to lose his job? or yours? Fabulous? or Homofever? I know their were jokes but you are not in a legal status to demand you're own profanity.
  9. e-Ebola and Osama why Mecha mentioned stupid dumb things to wipe his tears or because he's a psycho or a dancer or a maiden of honour?
  10. So Swaaz is it even fair to have me banned for 10 days? Explain why i was banned by him.
  11. Also Mecha said trolling was a bannable offence.Why even mods troll and now you guys too(Although you won't be banned)
  12. So she decided to quit afterall.Her personal problems left warspear.
  13. It crashes mobile devices.
  14. Ihtehotdogx

    Mecha Coup

    Is it even spamming when i posted in russian forum screenshot thread? Is it even spamming when i just posted a post with Protest Emoticons? Mecha said he dose me with e-Ebola and said something about Osama wich is weird and is patheticaly an excuse So he accuses me of spamming even though i did not.First off if i was spamming in Russian Forum(even though i did not) it should be a Russian Moderator to handle this case but they didn't find it spamming also i just said "Whose Birthday?" wich is just a question also it was in tavern and was offtopic anyway.Also i find it that Mecha and Poley(Sorry not being paranoid or imagining) are always allies when fighting me.I remembered last year or maybe two when i said i want to ban myself because everyone got mad because they thought i was spamming even though i wasn't.Poley said to my thread that i was still spamming and accused me that im "Russel" even though im not and Mecha goes to the rescue by banning me and Snorlax defends Mecha lmao(Although i did said a lot of bad things so it was the reason he still defended mecha) So i was banned for ten days? It's not that fair either way.Also i find it a connecting scene. Mecha don't say retarded words because it's a sign of weakness like dosage of e-Ebola or you're the one who needs e-Ebola Also why are protest emoticons spamming anyway when it's just a single post. r0land where are you anyway i want immediate answers.Lock the thread mecha since you will say an absurd excuse and psychotic jokes. -Seduce
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