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  1. Pliskin are u the explosion or the cat :blush: ?
  2. Lmao ;D Thx for answering me btw I dont know ur right but thx anways O:-)
  3. Ur wrong senpai, pls read carefully before u make a decision :facepalm: I used password recovery lmao
  4. Ive a problem with logging in on my acc, i saw i didnt work so i went to support and typed my email that im using for that account . I type it in and it says : this email isnt used by any warspear account :facepalm: So im typing all emails i used before, suprisely one of them did, so i thought: im wait for the message on that email..... Waited almost a hour, still no message :facepalm: Help me out pls devs
  5. Eldhrimir( apologize for the spelling) is one of the best necros ive seen (Grimaze isnt bad either)
  6. Snorlax, kuzmitch, i never ask u guys a favor, but this time i realy need it :sorry: Ive send tick to one of my other emails, and suprisely it worked. But i havent recieved any message of u guys...... Pls answer me as soon as possible :give_rose:
  7. Ive 2 accs and i was this day on one of my accs. When i try to login my other , it said incorrect login or passsword So i send a ticket for forgetting my password And i typed the email,but then it says that email does not exist lmao :facepalm: Pls devs help me out....
  8. Yep, u have to something with ur name, im pretty creative i say myself :pleasantry:
  9. Kiting: tactical retreat :blush:
  10. Seby, kiting is tactical backstep and att This is just running :facepalm:
  11. Lmao blooldlordz :rofl: :rofl: Draw is losing for me :bad:
  12. Lmao, heard many stories about crossfits and shitzo ;D Im us SAPPHIRE though :bad: , if i come make eu char u guys inv me in guild? :blush: Or considering to let me join lmao :D
  13. 1. She runs away from u :fool: 2. No rules in arena( no pots though) But fighting like that is pathetic though :bad:
  14. Thats called, running my friend :pleasantry: Palas run and heal themself lmao
  15. At us SAPPHIRE: guild: THEMERCS 27k GP :diablo:
  16. U guys like my pic btw :blush: ?(outta topic)
  17. Male. Some ppl are prepared to do a anything for u , those a are the best friends
  18. Great work born, keep up ur good work :drinks:
  19. Pretty funny pvprange, ur getting sick of gankers in pvp cave, but ur gankin everyone who go's in. :wacko: Im think u should consider to change ur attitude mister pvp
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