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  1. And we are both free, Ladies (: sooo... keep that in mind....
  2. Thanks, i just didnt come up with an idea for a picture so just posed like that good luck to You too if You are in this (:
  3. Hope You guys like it! I' m Itsvasia from EU-EMERALD
  4. turbovasia


    Hello i just want to ask devs one thing, people keep getting good stuff from dungeons over and over again, i kept spamming all day with my all chars and got nothing, why dafuq other people get 3 good things per day and others just nothing, why cant u make that more people get good stuff but less for each person, ty and sorry for bad english..
  5. Hi, I hate you, but i respect you too... The only reason is that you can gank alone, not like others... And stop that shit :D please :D
  6. Well some guys say and i believe in them that u should amp items when they are equiping or atleast not enchanted items, because i tried to amp enchanted arena bow 17lvl and i used 40 signs to get to +5:bad:
  7. one question, what items should i dissasemble to get catalyst? thank you;)
  8. i remember i was hunting genie with my 14lvl ranger and i got drop of 4 items... In one drop there was dmg, deff sph, longbow and runic staff :D can u believe in that? :D
  9. pls pls pls make 50% more mc on paypal ;) pls pls pls ;)
  10. yea, the best place to pvp somebody u want is ghost village:) because mc gank pvp cave and up nadir i always send my enemies to mobs (blind). so ghost vilage is perfect place if no disturbers :) thank you :)
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