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  1. good guild will not invite all people who wanna join
  2. Hi gm can you change my name to Elaine Natashya please ?
  3. hi gm pls make the secret question that only us know the answer and we need to answer the secret question first than changing pass because that make us more safety
  4. aww maybe you should see what item he give to you because if i give :bomb: to you you will ...... :shok: beware ;)
  5. i wanna open all pls help me if you wanna go hunt pls pm me i just follow no need party
  6. Hii this is important for me is there any chance I will lose my character if I stay at lvl 1 in 4 years ? :unknw:
  7. Us-saphire elfs look very nice i hope you keep it up guys ;)
  8. i just trust chrystall for now because she is friendly
  9. hi im new player i need friend in game please teach me
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