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  1. How to report scammers who have a lot of accouns?
  2. serans

    account blocked

    Where is Mr.Roland. why don't he answer?
  3. serans

    account blocked

    Dear Player! Your account/device have been blocked permanently due to multiple violations of EULA and our terms. Most common reasons for block are - selling and trading accounts - creating and using more than 2 accounts - using someone else's account - changing password and login of account you didn't create Please, read our rules which you have to follow while playing Warspear Online http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/eulaи http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/community Please, check FAQ about reasons of blocking access to the game. Technical support is not obliged to
  4. serans

    account blocked

    My account got blocked and I sent tic. But no reply .it's been 10 days. What I do now? Please help
  5. My account has been blocked for 1 year. Can i get it back? How can I get it back.
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