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  1. Simply an exceptional idea, as it was said, and really, whoever arrives at the End game, has nothing else to do, at least in PvE content, besides going Tws and more Tws, or daily events like ship, grotto etc... if by chance the developers created this "Tower of Harad" I'm sure all Players who like the PvE part of the game would be very happy.
  2. The healing totem not only instantly heals players who are in range, but the proportion of time healing is received. Example: 3 Shamans play their totems in time, one shaman places his totem in a moment, 1 second later, another shaman places his totem, and so on. Resulting in an absurd periodic cure. As mentioned in the post, as the healing totem, it only restores the life of the ally who has the lowest proportion of life, and he has his whole life recovered, and from the moment he loses that life that was restored, the healing totem that the other shaman placed, will instantly recover the lost life, thus leaving players affected by the healing totem almost immortal.
  3. Igual o círculo do lock, a Zona da fraqueza q reduz brutalmente a defesa mágica em área, e os caciques q podem prende-los nessa zona, isso você não fala, não é?
  4. Akasha, ele perguntou se as masmorras vai precisar de reputação para fazê-las, não em questão dos drops
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