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  1. Oh :lol: about 1k. im rich in elf. but in mc im nothing.
  2. it wasn't my stronges sword i always use that bell because i love it :) if i want i already use my +8 and +9 sword ;) please see this picture proove i have it
  3. i can. you think you more Strong than me? you are not strong . and i Don't need your reply in my post.
  4. I am eu player . . . you too ? ;) I can kill darkzain and you just use one sword when zain till lvl 14 ::) Dmg 248 1 sword + iq set 248=45= 293 ;) just 1 sword
  5. I join Firedoger and he's party :spiteful: Btw you fell you so strong?Bwahahahaha L :diablo: L REAPER :crazy:
  6. Firedoger is noob :facepalm: wanna hunt eye but in 1/4 way he's party is lose :lol:
  7. X :crazy: :rofl: Nindaime
  8. ok zain it's my first time play in Mc (Noob) and when i saw tht costume im shock. if you say im noob let's pvp. You remeber zain when you wanna sell your Lv20. blade dancer name is : firaun, 8k m.coin to me? but im not buy it. don't tell you don't remember :dirol:
  9. :diablo: ok. 1000% paladin
  10. I just tell you if you have rare costume like this i'll buy :diablo:
  11. You Have Anymore? Or you Just :facepalm: X :crazy: :rofl: Nindaime
  12. If you have i'll buy.
  13. Nindaime

    Fire Blast

    OMG , YOU WILL WON :shok:
  14. zethu not quit zethu = marceline = hotei
  15. chickenfly = hypotex not leave this game he just bored
  16. Nindaime


    can you see bd and rogue have different dammage too but still can use one handed sword :lol: if like that why bd not use a sword from paper :lol:
  17. Nindaime


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