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  1. if u have other pls share ;D
  2. Nindaime


    U think u pro.? :facepalm:
  3. i only active in forum not in game. now Xraquex use my acc :facepalm:
  4. Easy To say. But hard to Do ThAT.
  5. Nindaime


    Pvprange just a shit.
  6. Next update. we can enc astrall to bow :lol:
  7. HY Noob Pvprange . sTOP SHARE THAT PIC. MAYBE U PRO IN GAME. IN REAL LIFE I CAN BEAT U. U FAT AND UGLY. If we meet i will kill u in real life and i will share ur face in this forum. U win pvp trash player and u shere photo. u lose u never share that photo. Come to Eu server . U will be a trash IN EU server. :good:
  8. Good bye all. i leave this game like a legend. I need TO see the world. When I get Older I will Be Stronger They'll call me Freedom just like a wavin' flag . I wanna say sorry to -"Lioyd" about 3k :lol: good bye : -sheltonns (thanks for all help and gold ) -Gigaattack (thanks for all gold and help ) -anakbali (thanks for all help ) -xgodbladex :diablo: -lendariosp (thanks for all help ) -khadskin (dont sell rare item in npc shop :facepalm: ) -archerflet (thanks for help me , u always give me all i need) -neutron(nice skill and thanks for kill me ) -rowl (thanks for trust me) -starlord (thanks for hunt demo) -epicdeath (thanks for hunt and gank me) -samirkingg (thanks for help and ghoul blade) -invkox (thanks for help me) -ezriell (Nice day to see ur profil pic in whatsapp) -sizzbeat (bb little bro) -subsonic (ty for all item u give me) -xjaybo (nice bow) -wolfsy (thanks for buy my ice ring for 850k +3k m.coin but i have 2 ice ring more :lol: ) -sonoob(long time no see u bro :( ) -riggers (ty for 2k :lol: ) -rangerxlt (nice armor) -jellyace (ty for nice arena) -kingcrazy (thanks u trust me) -finalsusse (ty for all item and all help) -tayuya (ty for your promise but lie) -vastron (thanks bro for nice arena) -evilmind (ty for hunt genie and 1k ) -mxmdruid (thanks for hunt eye ) -marceline (nice costume and thanks for help me) -fourtyfour and fourtyfive (nice gank but thanks for help me in mcs) -Boozings (ty for help me bro u give me all i need) -Afc (thanks for wildboy set bro ) -Jastuk (thanks for gold and help bro ) -Mollitoxd (thanks for trade gold and item and nice arena and all help) -Mdea ( thanks for acute gladius old enc ( Not free )) -Senianpl (nice info bro for dragon catcher but i already have it) -Pvpgodz (nice guild and thanks for gank me and thanks for help mein mcs ) -Soulus ( thanks for help me when i lvl 12 ) -Paladinfc (thanks for nice arena ) -Kaleng (thanks for jollier bell ) -Priech (thanks for nice gank ) -And DARZAIN too ( NIce Gank bro) :lol: - ==ETC== good bye all. I wanna stop this game. I wanna see the world. I already play this game 4 years but still lvl 14 :lol: . im sorry for all. I love you all. This is hard for me. i know all of you will be pro :good: And that is all of my item .........................................................................................Cya all............................................................................ I'M SO SORRY FOR ALL IF I MAKE U HATE ME. :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:
  9. Nindaime


    OH is indonesian language ? i think no.
  10. Nindaime


    i speak bruney :facepalm:
  11. Nindaime


    im not attack chainless . i can kill cainless.
  12. I know that noob ginies fromm bruney.
  13. and now max arena point is 8k :facepalm:
  14. lol max arena point is 8k and u cant buy doom if 8001 arena point price :spiteful:
  15. Rayslin Look your profile picture :yahoo: . make me spirit. u have other like that ? :give_rose:
  16. And Dont forget about sign . Add sign too in arena shop :lol: .
  17. Nindaime

    New Idea.

    Hy GM Can u make scroll of change name? and scroll of unbind. because many people can't buy m.coin. i cant buy m.coin too if i just little boy. so they can buy that with gold. form other player.. and we need repair scroll at arena shop :good:
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