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  1. Damn This is The most cool Costume i ever seen ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜
  2. U Want us to buy relic , And u make us noob Then all player must buy the relic
  3. Gm Just go delete all of Noob relic We dont need All of that relic Just Fix Ranger Blessing I play Already 5 Years First u make us to change set Release farocity and we need to amp that , come on And all of chatacter info on game, u should change it , Coz its Fake !!
  4. Nindaime


    and ago someone scamming repair from my guild and all of my guild memberwas off (except the scammer ) and gm didnt know who take it . and one of my friend scamm a stuff from other guild (when all his guild member was off) after tht the leader send ticket and spam on world chat and no one know. then oldplayer pm my friend , and ask him if he sell tht item for 2 m and he ask all abou tht item - where us get it? - how u get it ? - when u get it ? and oldplayer said wait for 2 days till gold ready and after 2 days oldplayer on , but he never reply anymore when my bro ask him about 2m (thts first time old player replay his chats) and after a day the leader who get scammed , he already knowing who is tht scammer he know really" clearly like what my friend tell to old player and tht player who get scammed said he know from Gm gm reply his ticket. So maybe That Old Player Is a GM (And why Gm Delete a account name when he didnt on for a long time?) and thts means ,i f you have a good nick name, and you didnt on for a longtime ur name can be stolen)
  5. Nindaime


    Thts my Old Acc name (Oldoplayer) ago i always try sell this name the scammer is come from my country (Indonesia) (and he cant speak with indonesian language) and no one from my country play that since beta version And After Get scammed i cant use that name and that acc never log for a more than 2 years maybe and tht acc maybe get banned because i already send ticket every week but still gm not replay and i wondered after longtime i saw someone using that name and equip is lvl 10 (about durable bow thts a new bow maybe ) if he is come from beta version, he must using lvl 10 bow like legionner bow and he is also rich, and why he didnt take arena rank 1 (i just wondered if he is gm) it means all acc in this game is not 100% safe , because gm really really too intervene in this game .
  6. Nindaime


    ago thts name is my name and i try use it , coz tht name on my bd acc but cant now how he can he use it
  7. Nindaime


    Gm how can lvl 6 use My old name ago my acc Nindaime lvl 14 bd get scammed and i have oldplayer name on tht acc and i always try to sell that name -i sell goahead name - and oldplayer but acc get scammed and tht acc get banned maybe i send ticket but gm didnt reply itg was 2 years ago if im not wrong and that acc never on anymore but oldplayer still not deleted i just wonder how that name can use by lv 6 now? Is he moderator or GM?
  8. Gm I wanna ask u is arena with lose party is legal or ilegal? If Ilegal Tell me why ?
  9. gm where is the lvl 14 tavern? do u think lvl 14 can kill lvl 26 on tht arena place???????????????????
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