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  1. I figured out I can make videos, so I was like... Why not? Not too much gameplay, but more of a summary of the fights that we had during 1 hour. 🙂 There will be more videos in the future so don't miss out. I will try to include more gameplay and maybe commentary next time. Hope you enjoy! That was abit long lol, I wish I captured it.
  2. if you're gonna get greatness gear, I'd rather get lvl26 greatness heavy armor with hp bonus instead of those light ones.
  3. Making relics costs gold and resources so most guilds probably won't produce many relics to sell if they don't find buyers before making them.
  4. The first time I played Warspear I was still in school, in the 9th grade I think. I was having a bad diarrhea day, bad diarrhea kinda runs in our family, so I was running into the bathroom and just blindly opened the door, and there I found my younger brother sitting on the toilet with his phone in his hands. I looked at his phone, and guess what he was doing, yeah right, he was playing, the at that time brand new game, Clash of Clans... As soon as I saw the game, the diarrhea suddenly disappeared, and I knew it was the right game for me, it was like love on the first sight. So I went right aw
  5. Waiting for the next preview for new Ayvondil expansion... Those events are lackluster especially with these drop rates.
  6. Well actually, I take that back, you only need the HP amulet from the horror accessories. For PvP magic builds and all in general PvP builds in my opinion, you gotta try to max your HP even though you might get less magic at the end. So that would be a good accessory set: https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/50626 (700 magic with horror rings, so I'd say worth it, also craft material are pretty cheap right now) And Arena gear is a must for PvP, but really up to you how you mix them and how you enchant them. Main thing you need to pay attention to, so that resilienc
  7. Paladin is one of the best classes in PvP and PvE, it's also one of the few classes that excel in both aspects. I personally prefer physical damage build for PvP, but magic is also good and even better than physical in some situations. If you're going full magic PvP, then yea arena hammer and resilience armors is the best you can get, if you can get your hands on lvl28 horror magic set with good stats, you're set to go.
  8. I was really excited and started working on my guide but then university happened and couldn't work on it anymore and complete it on time:( I will still try to complete it some day and put it on forum and steam.
  9. Also we need more than 200 bag slots. We have many gears and costumes and other stuff, and people who spam arena, don't have too much space for tickets. Pls expand.
  10. seems like a dev didn't get enough sleep before writing the name of the staff
  11. Gz THEMERCS for Epic Alliance achievement Mediocre average HP Our town
  12. less* The skill works correctly I suppose, it increases 30% of your raw HP without any extra buffs, percentages don't stack. I highly doubt the skill should increase HP with all % buffs added from craft/guild buff/arena buff and other stuff, that would make the heal reach over 3k in some cases.
  13. Can I also get a promotion to a dev position or something like a janitor maybe.
  14. What support? I didn't break any rule, and you can also reply without breaking the rules so you don't get banned, but I guess you wanna reply with insults so you can't. You didn't reply to my arguments so you lost it, and the topic should be closed when the point of the thread was answered.
  15. I can't express how much I've been waiting for their new album and now it's finally there and it's awesome. I truly love those guys. Here is a sample.
  16. Nothing at all. It's the typical "lose an argument and then act as a victim" behavior.
  17. Wow that's really a nice compliment that you think I could beat one the best if not the best mc player out there, thanks a lot for making me look even more intimidating. You have every right to make posts and I have every right to reply, so let's move on from that. And If you saw my topic about Pala nerfs you know that I didn't just "cry", I made some arguments and no one really answered to any one of them and many agreed with me, I wasn't the only one who thought that way, Russians had more topics about it and everyone thought that devs went harsh on Paladins, well, except you an
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