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  1. Well actually no, asking for removal of heal pot is nonsense because of exactly what I just wrote: barbs for example have an advantage with purification potion over palas for example since he is complaining about palas.
  2. I wanted to create a separate topic for this post. This topic is getting spammy and it's not even understandable what he wants. I don't know if devs are still interested to see this. But I got important things to point out, not regarding this only potion, but also all castle buffs in general: I'm in 100% agreement of totally disabling all kinds of applicable buffs in Arena, that is all sorts of castle scrolls and potions, and even normal mcoin and event potions, scrolls and foods. Mainly because in my opinion, those buffs are still a bunch of scrolls and potions and shoul
  3. Great reward changes. How about add more ways to get pirate doubloons? The problem right now is that it is low amount per day, and it will take a very long time till we can buy underwater gear, and by that time we would be almost done with doing quests underwater (yellow quests and blue for the pirate reputation)
  4. Yeah you did, I guess I can be allergic to low IQs sometimes. Pala has a heal skill, barb has a regeneration skill that depends on maximum HP. Palas new heal skill also doesn't get buffed by heal pot because it also depends on maximum hp. So if you wanna heal more from that you should get HP buff. Heal pot buffs only heal skills that depend on magic, that's what heal skills are. Other hp regeneration skills aren't technically healing skills, and won't be buffed by healing buffs like pots or Palas aura.
  5. Are you dumb or pretending to be dumb? I said get a healer in your party and let him use that pot.
  6. Try playing with a shaman or something as your arena partner, you'll surprised to find out that they can also deal massive heal with castle pot, and maybe the outcome will be different. Again, I'm not a great fan of castle buffs in arena either, but I think they are not that bad. But either keep all or remove all.
  7. You just answered yourself. Get a healer and let him use 60% pot, maybe 2 barbs isn't the answer against healers? You can use heal pot too, don't say heal pot. 😉
  8. Nope, healers need more attention in Arena. They can get killed by a single combo by most tank/damage classes. Just keep them stunned and they won't be able to heal. I think it's fair as it is. Either remove all from being used in arena or keep all.
  9. You gotta be kidding me ... What's the point of making different times if all of the times are practically the same? What's the point in 1 hour difference between some days? With those set times, if someone can't log in for the event on a specific time because of sleep or work for example, he just can't log at all days and will miss out on a lot of reputation and chests. Why not make more separated times for different days (like 3 - 4 - 7 - 12 - 16 - 20 -24), so some people don't be at a disadvantage. I guess since I can't wake up to log at 3 a.m, I'll never get to experience this event a
  10. Pala needs huge buff imo honestly tbh in my opinion i think to be honest
  11. Yeah, last stage felt undoable in 10 minutes for us too. I mean probably it is doable with like 60-100 people online, but when is that the case?
  12. Can you also make Oxygen regenerate while we are offline? I mean technically our characters sleep while we are offline, so it makes sense to make oxygen regenerate.
  13. Alright so I wanted to play as much as possible before I give my opinion on this update... There is a lot to notice in this update, lots of new content and concepts and I love that. - Talent Trees: One of my favorite part is the talents and I can see it having applications outside of this section of Ayvondil in the future, so definitely looking forward for seeing talents in future updates. However I feel like the talents feel a bit weak, especially considering that we need to spend mermen reputation which we also need a lot of, but also doesn't have too much availability
  14. Consistency error you can see underwater area and there is a ship: After you take the Teleport, the area is different than what it appeared to be: Immersion absolutely ruined.
  15. Exactly, even perfect stun cycle classes like Charmer, Druid, Warlock, and Deathknight aren't much of a threat these days, and those can actually make optimal full stun keeping their resilience and defensive stats to a better extent than Paladins. It's just not a reliable build anymore. Sure you can go for it for the fun of it, but don't make it your main.
  16. I'm skeptical of how better this is than full resilience or mix with resistence, because even with 60% cd there were some gaps, that are enough for them to break your cycle and kill you very fast because of low defense.
  17. Changed the first skill, didn't feel right to add area stun skill to a damage type minion.
  18. Well, what I wanted to show is that it's almost transparent. Thus the blue background (ocean color)
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