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  1. I don't know if you know me but I still play.
  2. Wow this looks really really cool! I love the new concepts here, and the lore and story is also very cool since I'm kinda of a nerd myself, also the fact that you are focusing more on the quests side of the events is really nice, since before it was... meh, you didn't always wanna do the quests for a smiley at the end. But now you unlock content and get special chests in dungeons?! Definitely a great improvement. Hopefully studying will actually require brains and not just power. And this is just awesome... Never thought I'd say this for one of these seasonal events
  3. The solution is to make 3v3 and 5v5 party mode only. They tried to make it randomized for fairness which is nice, but it failed due to inactivity. Since they can't fix the inactivity, and because these modes will not be played by ''the normal'' player, I see the only solution is to make 3v3 and 5v5 Arena only if you have a party of 3 and 5 respectively.
  4. Yes. Keep the current weapons for classes that want it, and add more without crit.
  5. That's a big RIP... Type Fs in the chat
  6. Good job to the new mentors and lords! FakeUser will be a good representative for me in mentoring newbies when I'm unavailable. Also big thanks to our good ol' mods and admins. Oh this got me emotional and I'm flattered
  7. Actually after reconsidering, especially in arena against all ranged characters who could interrupt rush, I think it's fair. Update looks fun and it looks like there is much to do, hopefully I can find some time here and there to participate in the events.
  8. I think you guys went too harsh on warden. The only good thing about them is that they were tanky. Very low damage and control, and now you over killed it. I don't see their role in PvP whatsoever. Maybe remove damage reduction penalty from fortification
  9. Let's hope that new Sacred Shield will apply a copy on the Paladin on lvls 3 and 4, if not, I think we might be completely out of the Arena scene xD Especially that most classes got buffed real good. I guess we wait and see.
  10. Can't really pick one. In Arena probably Shaman and Necromancer (and Charmers?) on MC side, Druids and Rangers (maybe Paladin too) on Elves. If I had to pick one, Rangers. Next update will have new expert skills?
  11. I'll wait to test new changes before giving my opinion, but overall it seems promising. However, one thing I can't get behind is I don't see a point in making druid and shaman heals stack to 2 times. If devs aren't planning to remove castle buffs from Arena, I don't see how 2 druids in 2v2 Arena will die anymore.
  12. Depends on many factors. Your defensive stats and life steal, damage, which dungeon, and if you do only PvE or you also do PvP a lot. If you can afford to try it out, don't save up on spending your gold for an oblivion book. It's not only fun to experiment with some new skill builds, but also you can learn about your class first-hand. Especially that what could apply to one Paladin, might not apply for the other, because of different gears, stats, and playstyle. For me, I don't find it worth it do deal a bit more damage for the risk of dying. If I wanna go for a max damage build
  13. You're wrong. The skill works more similar to BD's Counterattack but it deals the same amount of damage that the warlock receives, and only every few seconds you get that buff. For example you are a Warlock and you have the skill at 4/4, every 4 seconds you get a buff, and if you have that buff, the next attack on you will be reflected on the enemy: You receive 1000 hit from BD, the BD receives 1000 damage. You receive 50 damage from Barb bleed, the Barb receives 50 damage. And so on.
  14. Castle potions like Purification or Teleport potions are usable during Arena fights. I don't see how that would solve the problem, if there is any problem. I don't mind nerfing castle pots, but barbs and shamans will be weaker vs paladins and bladedancers if that happens.
  15. Uhhh it's just bad luck. If you know how chances work, then this response should be enough for you. I recently amped a lvl29 arena shield from +1 to +10 with less than 3 sign sets in total. So If I use your logic, I think they increased amp chance. But I don't think that, because on the same day I struggled to get +1 to +5 with 2 sign sets on an arena glove lvl29. It can happen both ways, just use signs if you care about your item.
  16. The same way you could get lucky and amp from +9 to +10 with 1 sign, you could get unlucky and lose item from +1 to +2. That's why always use sign starting from +1.
  17. Big win streak for Gladiator, Kublaikhan and Liviangel against different Sithlord/Leache Parties Subscribe for more top tier Arena Gamplay!
  18. So tp mythic has better chance than pirate dungeon heroic to drop the good stuff?
  19. If you still didn't put any skill points yet, 5/5 Heal is good for questing and for higher level PvE. 3/5 Purifying is good enough, since your main task isn't dealing damage. And of course lastly 5/5 Fetters by level 18. As for gears, just get the gear you get from quests and gather up gold, if you have enough, you can buy lvl15 gear from dealer, they cost around 500 gold a piece. If you have more, you can buy 2 pcs lvl15 chainless league gear from nadir when you get there, but of course you need to finish chainless league reputation first. Those will keep you going till lvl18
  20. I'd love to see new experts added more often, like once every few months, I think they are one of the things that refresh the game more than anything else and are relatively easy to add. Also they keep the meta changing and challenges players to adapt to new skill builds, not only for their own characters but also when facing others. But of course, skills require ideas and everybody can run out of ideas, so I'll help with few ones. Before we start, all numbers can be changed. 1- Priest and Necromancer I feel like those two classes are very underpowered in Aren
  21. What guild tournaments? Devs forgot about those. And what are you complaining about? They give CC, and once a month even x2 CC! How cool is that.
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