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  1. Imagine being a Paladin paying 40k and investing 3 valuable skill points for a glorified CD book that any class can buy from events.
  2. I know it's gonna be a bit of a controversial opinion, but I don't think it's unreasonable to consider so I'll put it out there with the explanation: Paladin should be able to use Sacred Shield on himself now. And since Devs are not planning to fix the new passive Inner Force, I think it would be only fair for Paladin to be able to use shield on himself, even if it's a bit weaker version (If used on himself) or for some sort of penalty, maybe only being able to use shield on himself if using shield + 1handed, since 2handed builds have a good amount of support and heal, and the
  3. BD is fine considering the amount of control Legions have now, it's ridiculous going in Arena against Warlocks, Hunters, and Shamans. Don't forget the uncounterable dodge
  4. 2 Handed magic paladins are already good enough, I like the idea that the skill gives more benefit to shield users.
  5. Nice that they changed Necros totem graphics because everyone was demanding about such a change, but no change about Paladin's skill because who talked about any change?
  6. I don't know man, I've seen a couple of Necros controlling the whole elf caravan by killing weak NPCs and players and making huge crowds and then dying and re-placing totems and repeat over and over again (For some reason Totems don't disappear if the Necro dies, which I believe should be changed). Not judging the skill yet though, I like the concept of it, and also agree with giving Necros a good skill. I just feel like it might take some limiting (Amount of skelies)
  7. Follow-up question then, are they considered 'players'? Meaning AoE skills are limited on them?
  8. Do Necros totem stack? Meaning if there are 4 totems on, does each make 1 skeleton for each dead character?
  9. Yeah if they make it so that 1 resist buff every 5 seconds would still give 4 resists every 20, but at least you would have a way to work around it by 'wasting' 1 debuff so you can safely use your important ones. Like when dealing with barbs stone skin. 4 guaranteed resists at the beginning of the fight are just bad design. Also can we talk about Mages getting 2 powerful skills in 1? removing 3 buffs is on its own a very strong skill. But as if that's not enough, it also reduces the duration of all incoming buffs by 65% for 14 whopping secs on a 30 sec cd?! I mean both of thes
  10. I think the cooldown bonus is bad and it's very hard to get an advantage out of it, it should be at least 30% bonus at max level and block maybe 8%. Only then I can see the skill viable in any form or way in PvP or PvE. As it stands you have to stay in 60% for a very long time to gain advantage of the cd buff, but even then 15% is low. I wanna hear any justification of nerfing it in the first place instead of actually making it stronger. I think some ways to fix it could be: - Bring HP threshold back to 70% and make it 8% block and 30% CD. Or keep thresold at 60% but give
  11. So they already nerfed the skill that didn't need a nerf. What's the logic behind this? The skill was already underwhelming compared to most of the newly added skills. You might think activating at 70% HP is too much, but if you look at the added bonuses, it's really not game changing at all. Now I think 15% Cooldown has to be increased. Paladin will fall out of the meta in Arena very quickly, now that you have characters that remove debuffs (fetters and stuns) and characters that remove buffs (sacred shield), and characters that completely ignore debuffs (BD) I don'
  12. The skill in itself is not bad, however if compared to some of the new skills other classes got, like Druid, BD, Shaman, and Mage, this skill seems terrible, or more accurately, the other skills are broken. But my first impressions of it is: I like it since I'm a main 1h+shield player. Also was very pleased that it activates at 70%, I was afraid of having it activate at like 30% hp or something, so in Arena and PvP it will be active most of the time when needed. Also the block bonus is nice, I didn't expect more than 8%, so fair enough. But the cooldown bonus seems weak to me. I mean
  13. Just because it's badly applied in Arena, doesn't mean it should be applied here. For example, allowing only lvl10-12 / lvl7-9 / lvl 4-6 guilds to match each other in GvG with each their own rewards seems fair. There would be no way for bigger guilds to control GvG against lower level guilds.
  14. I'm pretty sure it will be balanced so high level guilds will only meet high level guilds and low level meets low level, it will be almost like arena where lvl26 will not meet lvl30. Or at least that's what I understand from this.
  15. Cool, is it gonna be in spring of this year as promised before?
  16. The king doesn't seem so happy with these drop chances that have been given over the past weeks
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