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  1. Holy.. Once again, an update to skills, and Paladins are still going to continue using and upgrading the same skills as before. First you introduce Inner Force, Paladins still with Prayer/Banner/Sacred Shield. And now nothing is gonna change, if anything, some shield user Paladins might level up Strike instead of Banner. The new skill is still too weak to compete in the current arena and dungeon meta. You might say well then nerf Sacred Shield since it's such an obvious choice for all Palas. You can do that, but without a decent buff to existing useless
  2. Is there any changes since the last versions of the skills?
  3. The only way to balance this issue, is to balance the events. Not the classes. Legions also have more ranged control skills than Sentinels for example, that makes up for the mobility advantage in combat. But yeah in events where movement is important, it should be fixed. disabling skill usage like we saw in Mermen Trials is a good step in that direction.
  4. I like this version of the skill better than the previous one, except that they removed the cooldown buff. I think it was better to have a support aspect to the skill, Paladin is half support in the end. The skill is not bad, unfortunately, it's not strong enough to compete in the current meta. If not make it straight up stronger, add another (support) aspect to the skill in addition to the current damage reduction. Something like this: 1. Cooldown buff maybe 2% CD for every 5% hp lost 2. Or maybe 3% healing power from Paladin for every 5% hp lost on allies in a party.
  5. Thanks for the dev commentary on the changes, we need more of that.
  6. I don't mind a lot of what's being suggested, and agree with removing or redesigning the circular map. But I don't agree with cutting arena time in half. Blocking is part of the arena, and wasting the opponents time is how you win, you might not like it but I don't think removing time from the battles the solution, maybe enable players to leave the fight a bit earlier. And a big fat yes
  7. I'd say classes are classified in tiers, and all classes in that tier are kinda balanced to an extent between each other. This would be my tier list for PvP (Arena mainly). And for fun, I also put them in order within the tier depending on strength in 1v1: S-Tier: Bladedancer, Druid, Shaman, Charmer, Necromancer, Paladin, Mage A-Tier: Ranger, Barbarian, Warlock, Priest B-Tier: Rogue, Deathknight, Hunter, Seeker C-Tier: Priest D-Tier: Seeker (These two can be very good in PvP, but it's so much harder to build them to be viabl
  8. Yes the bow, sorry. Yeah high def is everywhere now, but you would rather hit low than get dodged all the time.
  9. The staff on the far right after you kill the underwater boss and open the fake chest.
  10. Depends on which build you have. If you have magic 2 handed then around 20% is enough, since most damage comes from Illumination and that skill doesn't miss at all. The accuracy is necessary for Banner and Harad Call though. If you're using 1 handed or physical damage builds, then try to get 30%+ The crit can still be above 30% with that much accuracy. Don't worry much about penetration since there is a buff that gives you 20% pene in the underwater part of the dungeon. So focus first on getting as much accuracy as you can and then crit.
  11. Tab to show all active buffs on the character and how much they last for. Would be great quality of life change, especially if you have a lot of buffs like war buff, buffs from events, gp/ap pots. It gets hard to keep up with.
  12. Yeah I can also, as a lvl30 full +10 Paladin, go in astral lab alone. Does that mean the game is not for group play? No, it just means that I became way stronger than the content. Now go try solo the new mermen dungeon or Octopus raid boss. That's where you can really test if it's about group play for your level. But yeah, of course at some point players will evolve to solo older content, but when Technopolis was new, it was balanced for group play at THAT time. And still is for players of that specific level and strength.
  13. What exactly is gonna be improved here?
  14. New skills got the most attention in this update, doesn't undermine the fact, that the other new content coming looks very good. Looking forward for it.
  15. Imagine being a Paladin paying 40k and investing 3 valuable skill points for a glorified CD book that any class can buy from events.
  16. I know it's gonna be a bit of a controversial opinion, but I don't think it's unreasonable to consider so I'll put it out there with the explanation: Paladin should be able to use Sacred Shield on himself now. And since Devs are not planning to fix the new passive Inner Force, I think it would be only fair for Paladin to be able to use shield on himself, even if it's a bit weaker version (If used on himself) or for some sort of penalty, maybe only being able to use shield on himself if using shield + 1handed, since 2handed builds have a good amount of support and heal, and the
  17. BD is fine considering the amount of control Legions have now, it's ridiculous going in Arena against Warlocks, Hunters, and Shamans. Don't forget the uncounterable dodge
  18. 2 Handed magic paladins are already good enough, I like the idea that the skill gives more benefit to shield users.
  19. Nice that they changed Necros totem graphics because everyone was demanding about such a change, but no change about Paladin's skill because who talked about any change?
  20. I don't know man, I've seen a couple of Necros controlling the whole elf caravan by killing weak NPCs and players and making huge crowds and then dying and re-placing totems and repeat over and over again (For some reason Totems don't disappear if the Necro dies, which I believe should be changed). Not judging the skill yet though, I like the concept of it, and also agree with giving Necros a good skill. I just feel like it might take some limiting (Amount of skelies)
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