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    semi retiring.

    I think the game is pretty balanced between factions in Arena to some good extent, although most Arena fights depend on stun initiative which is a lot of the times luck. But there are classes that are obsolete in Arena like Priest, Necromancer, and Warden. This shouldn't be the case, because if you had the option to choose a party of 5 to go in Arena, you would choose must-have classes like Paladins, Druid, Ranger or Seeker, maybe BD, the rest has no chance and having them in the team causes a direct disadvantage - Unbalance. On MC that must-have list would be Warlock, Shaman, Charme
  2. Agreed. Gears and costumes alone take around 100 slots for me. Add to that personal consumables that you might eventually need but also can't get rid off, that's another 30-50 slots. Rip 200 bag space without collecting any additional stuff like quests and stuff. Also that's bag space that you can't get rid off because most items are personal.
  3. Running and Kiting are ok, if you don't use them to win and end up losing, then you LOST. Even running in circles isn't "noob".
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    how did you find this topic?
  5. Pretty much shows what you need to get arena rewards.. Lots of skill! Btw can you next time upload losses if there is any? I wanna see how it is even possible.
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    Paladin setup

    I kinda answered that, for a single target, you deal more damage with physical damage 1 handed, I don't recommend spears, they are too slow, and and you lose a lot of defense and a stun. And it comes back to expensive physical damage builds. And for PvP, both are good, you just have to know your budget, physical damage is a lot more expensive to be optimal, because you need horror accessories.
  7. Gladiator

    Paladin setup

    Where do we start.. For PvP, I prefer 1 handed physical damage build, it deals a lot of single target damage and has more stuns, combine it with horror accessories and skyfire rings, perfect. If you can't afford horror accessories then just get craft magic stuff, it will give you more AoE damage and heals, also you can use it for 2handed magic build if you get both. The problem with 1 handed is that you need to have high amp to shine with high ferocity. With lower amp, full magic 2h works better, and if you wanna make 2handed, then make it full magic, but its downs is that you will b
  8. Nice and all, but that won't make arena as active as it was years ago. It needs a change that affects everyone including the casual players that don't have time to go for rewards, there are more of those than the ones that go for top ranks. They kinda need to bring back 5v5 first.
  9. 2 weeks of the same event with the same rewards and the same low drop rate back to back? Devs officially ran out of ideas? I understand that it is better than nothing, but come on, at least rewards could change or anything new!!
  10. Warden is useless in PvE, as strong as it might seem, it deals so little damage that it is not worth it. And all bosses (except Elm) and dungeons that exist in the game could be done without a healer, maybe 1 for Engineer. Warden can be taken to dungs only if there are no healers and the party isn't that strong, otherwise all dungeons don't need either healers or Wardens. It kinda sucks, because they deal so low damage > not preferred when there are BDs or Palas. And in Arena, it is nothing more than a sponge that deals almost no damage and has almost no control, could be ignored and k
  11. the percentage says 9.9%, doesn't make sense because it should be less than Rogue according to the order. Check Russian post, it should be 7.4%.
  12. Happy new year to all developers and players!
  13. It better be in the first couple of months of the next year, because the last good big update was adding new classes and the game needs a new big update.
  14. Seriously though, I tried to read, but it is pretty hard to see the words, and when you zoom it becomes very blurry.
  15. By that logic that 1% will be 0.2% per character in the party, resulting in a better value in solo, which doesn't make sense to me because that would favor soloing rather than playing in group, which is against the logic of the game since some classes aren't made to solo. Anyway, need devs to confirm that, because it is still unclear whether it is meant that the party gets the same chance as a single character means that the chance divide through players (and totally it is like the solo chance) or not, can't hypothesize and make superstitions in luck issues. And to your questi
  16. So let's say a costume drop rate for solo person is 1%. Does that mean that for a party of 5 people would be 1% for each person still? So totally it would be 5% to get a costume drop in party, but each player has 1%?
  17. Says in the description that it resists negative effects including control. So all negative effects, bleed and DoT are negative effects. Resistance value on enchants should be increased imo, we sacrifice a lot of resilience for a small chance to resist and it is risky, I don't know if it is worth getting so many crits.
  18. Good suggestion. is what people would have said if the game was based on 1v1.
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