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  1. I just test when there are new skills or skill fixes, what do you even test on those nub events? Just 1 run dungeon and you're done, that's how much new content there is...
  2. I think they do but most of the stuff that ruin the game are stuff that devs wanna keep to make money, so they just ignore it. I mean they might think why would we make a better gold reward from the AP-shop potions or increase GP? Rather f*** Arena, keep it inactive, so they buy mcoins to get gold and seekers for GP. Or why would they merge all server Arenas together? Maybe too much work. Honestly I don't see a good reason. The best part about test servers is the active Arena, I rarely even test the actual update. And the game stays ruined for casuals > game slowly dies.
  3. If Arena was active, players wouldn't have to make win/lose parties. Just saying
  4. Until devs work on something to make Arena active again, it's the only way to get AP. I know it is not fair and I don't like it, but players can't be really blamed for it, you can't really make good amount of AP in an hour with a dead Arena ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I personally made a big topic about it almost a year ago, and yet here we are still having the same problem, as long as devs are ok with it, just deal with it and start doing it
  5. What I mean was is that there are no constant new stuff in the AP shop, and those chests that they added looked good at the beginning, but they cost a lot and many think it is not worth it due to the low drop rate. - So they need to update the AP shop more frequently with cool costumes and skins and even gears. - Also there is an option to get gold out of Arena but the amount of gold is really not stable and not high. - And Arena isn't being used to get GP anymore like the old days, that definitely played a role in its activity. So why would a normal player demand arena if
  6. Yes unfortunately the game and Arena particularly is slowly dying. It's just very low demand rate, I don't know what they need to do, but they have to do something. Farming AP isn't appealing for players right now unless you're going for top ranks, that's the problem.
  7. Smallie bug: The skill Sun Seal of the mini boss Red Prince in the dungeon isn't working, he's not healing from it.
  8. People can't figure out stuff from the first day? Must complain!
  9. Nope, all are most probably the same. Even if you it was true, 1 experiment can't decide to make you sure enough to publish the info as true. I managed to amp lvl26 stuff for +5 without fail too.
  10. Gladiator

    Ded but not ded

    So is he ded or not ded?
  11. Have y'all seen the leaked screenshots from the new updates about the new spring weapons
  12. I jumped many times from 7+ yards
  13. Sorry but what kinda logic is that? Screenbug happens for every one and on every skill, it's not even related to skills in the first place, that's not how it works.
  14. No matter how perfect your internet is, ws servers are far from perfect. It sucks I know, but till they fix it, if they ever will do, you can use agro if you sense bs positioning, it is very common in circular maps, it can actually be "abused". Here the server registered him for walking from the right side for some reason.
  15. Dude, devs are busy making events with cosmetics and smileys :* Who cares about new content.
  16. Yeah I wish they told us what are they working on, instead of letting us hanging not know wtf is going on with the game.
  17. I think illuminati is attacking you.
  18. That's a whole new level of introvert! Agreed!
  19. Most of the wins would have stayed wins if there were no buffs, they just outplayed them. I don't think there was imbalance, it was all mistakes that the barb or charmer made and would have lost anyway. Also gotta see gear comparison.
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