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  1. There is no class with permanent CC idk what OP is talking about.
  2. Yes. I don't think it needs a buff. - It has a very big AoE radius for aggro, I think it is 7x7, which bigger than all other AoE aggro skills, so it is way better to detect invisible characters. And not sure from this info but I think the agro is also constant, so you can move around having the skill pre-activated and expose rogues/seekers. Gotta make sure of that. - it deals damage even if the character is stunned, it can be combo'ed with Blow of silence for an instant and guaranteed silence after pulling the enemy from 7 yards away. - It deals around the same damage as Illumi
  3. Can't even feel proud of double drop rate on weapons and skins, they all cost 2k-20k in the dealer, very few exceptions that go above 50k. Good luck making profits, guys
  4. Not really full PvP, since PvE is still part of my play. 5 fetters 5 heal 3 purifying And that's because I also use full magic spear for PvE, but if you have only pdmg then I'd say better 5/5 purifying and 3 heal 3 Banner 3 Call 3 shield strike I use call 3/4 to get 90% stun chance, it is very good in Arena and also to improve my PvE build, so it's kind of a mix for both PvE and PvP gaining the mdmg for PvE and the stun chance for PvP, but If you're full PvP pdmg and for 1v1 and 2v2 especially, better go with 4/4 strike and 4/4 banner. I might switch to
  5. The problem about the game right now is not pay-to-win. It's always been like that and won't change as long as there is the same amp system, so we might wanna get over it. You can still not buy mcoins and get decent with time and luck. Now the problem is that the game lacking content, it's becoming very repetitive and boring. Arena is still inactive, guild tournaments are boring and have no point in winning for cc that has no value, castles was a good hope, but they're taking forever to release the whole thing, no new skills since new classes' release, lvl30 with ayvondil expansion i
  6. I have at least 2 builds for different situations and opponents. The cape is lvl26 pdmg parry with parry enchants, helmet and amulet with resistance enchants rings are lvl20 skyfire with life steal enchants. The rest is a mix of lvl21 +10 Arena and lvl25 +9 Arena gears, weapon is +9. My mdef is low i need to amp my amulet it is still +7, and need better rings. Build1: max resilience, well rounded build. Build2: This build is extra defensive against stunners: high parry and resistance, weaker resilience and still not fully amped though. Helmet a
  7. The same character has been going on since last week. Support busy banning old players (JK )
  8. I think heavy armors are most demanded at higher levels. The rare ones though, those with 15% HP, it could be hard for new players to make it profitable especially with changing essence prices, you also might need a lot of base gold at the beginning.
  9. that would not be bad because I use 3 craft pieces for this build and to get that HP and feel comfortable not using an HP amulet, it is pretty expensive if you ask me, but worth it.
  10. Since I started playing the game (5 years ago) I wanted to name my character Gladiator, but it was taken by this noob It would be awesome if I can have it The character is inactive ever since, I had him on my friends list since then thinking that he might log some day and we can agree on giving me the name for gold but he never logged. Is it possible to delete the old characters with cool names, especially that they probably don't have anything on them?
  11. Yes for PvE full magic spear is the best because of AoE damage and life steal, actually tankier than 1handed in crowded places if you time your skills well. My casual PvE build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#40015 Currently working on amping lvl26 life steal hammer.
  12. Short answer: The best magic skills (Banner and Call) have a high cooldown, in 1 banner usage you can use Purifying 5 times and shield strike 2 times, and those are very strong physical damage skills. Long answer: A lot of factors make 1handed physical builds better than magic for PvP, be it 1h or 2h. So let's go 1 by 1: First: Why 1 handed? 1- An extra stun from shield strike + new heal effect with Sun Seal combo which can be 20% of your HP at 4/4, which is awesome. An extra stun is very important, it is easier to hit if you are in 1 yard range than
  13. Then they have to add stuff
  14. Not only that, it is not enough. They have to make Arena appealing to the casuals so it becomes more active, we saw the random demand in the 3x3. People could still dominate the ranks as they want, because the same people are demanding against each other and they are meeting each other, and that's because it is very inactive, and almost only those top 10 are demanding in the whole server.
  15. He's not really my friend, I'm just saying what I think. But yeah I said I can't defend it, I get that sarcasm can't be always understood, and that's why it sucks cus he obviously didn't mean it. But I agree with you and I apologized for the support team
  16. Sorry if I sounded a bit too critical, it was surprising and still is. I do respect the support team and I appreciate their efforts, but they are humans that can do mistakes as it happened before, not a big problem. And I still think it is not a reasonable ban reason especially considering that it is not about a player that has been playing the game for 2 weeks. I guess I can't defend it, at the end new players wouldn't know that he was being sarcastic and would believe it. That sucks. And sorry again.
  17. Well RIP in peas. Good player lost, I wanted to arena vs you, never had the chance to do.
  18. Why are you giving answers as if you are a dev?
  19. Depends on how smart the system is.
  20. Lol. It's rather surprising that a pretty old player gets banned for apparently no reason, and the support team didn't think twice about the ban. I mean if he really wasn't involved in such sites, how did they even come to the conclusion that he did it. Or it is really easy to trick them with fake reports and screenshots. Makes me wonder if there is some AI ban system. It's messed up but sure won't last long.
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