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  1. Btw.. if u take a look at all the games like WS u will find that the class are not equal in power.. I chose to be a paladin cuz I knew that it's powerful and has special power that other classes don't have
  2. Agree 100% that skill is usefull.. actually all skills are of all classes are useful
  3. Nope.. I dont support the idea of wasting skill pts on illumination, but gab said to make it 3
  4. AGREE paladins are not made to equip axes... palas have heal skill and as yall kno that axes dont give astral so when u equip axe ur heal skill is useless.. and paladins always need to heal themselves even in the presence of healers.
  5. yea i agree with u that this skill is useful in pvp with dk.. also its useful in pvp with rogues..when i pvp rogues i dont use foj in order to keep it for detecting the rogue after using stealth but now i can use foj during fight and keep the illumination since it detects rogues stealth. :pleasantry: but which skill i sacrifice for making the illumination 3.. imo, the skill is not worth leveling up. id better keep pur, foj and heal rather than lvling up illu :unknw:
  6. Gladiator


    what is ur setup? :blush:
  7. dont u think that arena is better than doom inv pvp? :unknw: i mean for the 5% resi
  8. Gladiator

    Elusive Jump

    but still op.. especially after the new skill :facepalm:
  9. Gladiator

    Rogue skill setup

    how much the dodge percentage increases with the increase of the skill?
  10. Oh ya ya I got it.. thanx :give_rose:
  11. but the bounus increase differs on 1 handed wpns and 2 handed.. doesnt it?
  12. when is the update of increasing max lvl to 30 and when tower opens???? :blush:
  13. i got a problem,, when i send an sms message to replenish my account with mcoins you take the money but i dont get any mcoin.. by the way i always make sure that i wrote the correct text so it's not about the text. i take from the official site
  14. I think that it's the most helpful and important guide :give_rose:
  15. Axes have penetration but maces have astral and more dmg
  16. I see alot of paladins using 1h axe instead of mace but why :facepalm:
  17. Gladiator


    My attack 299 and I heal 350 and here is a pic of my wpn Nvm abt def its noob :facepalm:
  18. i think it depens on accuracy
  19. Gladiator


    lol guys you know nothing about pala... pala is better than barb and dk, im gonna tell u why... all know that pala, barb, and dk have same armor and attack the difference is the hp:highest hp is barb then dk then pala, but dont forget that pala heals :spiteful: and that's (i think) what makes pala is the best
  20. Gladiator


    paladin best melee class :clapping:
  21. i think you will need mana regen for farm :unknw:
  22. try to improve ur penetration :clapping:
  23. Gladiator


    Because paladin heals so healing is replaced with hp
  24. Gladiator


    Depends on the Armor used by player
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